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Nathans OVT run
Date 13/Oct/13
4 Riders Fudge, KTMHUNTER, Nathan, WR250dave
Rider of the day Nathan
Stack of the day Not awarded
Nathans OVT run-13.oct.13

Players...... Nathan, Fudge, KTMHUNTER and WR250dave

Nathan called the ride late Sat. with four guys turning up, was nice weather with a cool breeze and a great day to be out riding!

Departed OVT heading north after about 5km of wopped out sand tracked we hit the ridge top trail heading towards the yanchep servo. after a few more km's of sand track we looped around and did some awesome single trail great conditions for it, recent rain meant there wasn't a huge amount of dust. from hear we headed for the servo, After loosing Fudge and KTMHUNTER briefly we all arrived at the servo. Grabbed a bite to eat had a yarn and headed south west.

After a bit more single trail we came through into the pine plantation, riding along some logging track we came out at the north end of a power line at the corner of the pinjar recreation are. Headed back towards OVT looking fo the Quarry, unfortunately we didnt make it that far, fudge getting a flat just before the apex of the last corner on the tarmac. Was a very good save!

ROTD would have to go to nathan! kept us pretty well on track, absolutely stinging it all day!



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