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Mid-Week Back to Nature Ride
Date 16/Oct/13
3 Riders CRFJason, Nathan, XRCass
Rider of the day CRFJason
Stack of the day Not awarded

CRFJason has called a (another) week day OVT ride. Mid-week sure is a great time to ride if ya can make it. Not sure who's coming so I turn up at OVT half expecting Acid Gloves Eddie to be keeping Jase company but turns out Nathan has made roll call as well so Eddie was sent packing.

As usual Jason is out of the blocks like an olympic sprinter and I'm hard pressed to keep up. Nathan is running hot and cold - one minute disappearing into the distance with Jason and the next wandering along in the dust cloud with myself - wondering where the track has gone coz we sure as hell can't see it with all the dust hanging in the air !

Usual loops, ridges, twists turns etc and then head north for a look at the beach. I get a flat on the XR and give the boys a rest for a bit while changing it. Used up a few tubes lately so was down to an old patched tube for a spare but it looks good enough and the tyre stays up so we head for some sea breeze. Nice run up to Wilbinga - Jason is still railing every corner like he's on a motocross track. Bit of a rest and photo op on the beach and then someone mentioned it might be getting towards pub time. So its a mad scramble for helmets, gloves and the shortest route back. We take a few different tracks - Jason passes me on the back wheel thru the whoops just as a roo steps out in front - all good. We all get up close and personal with an emu for about 500m ... dang thing was going the same way we were and just kept running along in front (at 40-50kmh). Once the emu eventually gets off the track Nathan kicks it up a notch and blasts the 2-stroke thru the soft sand - I'm left wondering where the track is again and get all outa shape before I can finally see where I'm going. Spring is definitely here with roos, emus, snakes, rabbits and bobtails around every corner.

On the home stretch and giving it the berries on a limestone track (no sand, no whoops, no roos, no emus here - just an easy ride back to OVT was the plan) and I feel the back end going sideways when it shouldn't. Yep - flat again. I decide to ride it home that way and take the car back to OVT. Some hurried directions to Jase and Nathan so they can head straight to the pub (which were immediately ignored with a wave at the GPS - ha). A slow crawl home for me and then back to the pub to relive the days events. Cheers for the ride boys.

3 Players - CRFJason, Nathan, XRCass
3 fuel stops for the CRF with its 'beer can' sized tank. (A new long range tank is in the post).
No stacks worthy of a mention.
ROTD to CRFJason - kept the pace up all day.












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