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Black Friday ride
Date 13/Jun/14
5 Riders Inver, muzz, Nathan, xradam, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Black Friday ride: Invers Fi-Fo Spectacular. Players Nathan,Cass,Adam,Muzz,Trent,Inver and Ash.

What a day for a ride.Sunshine and no dust. We set off after a riders brief to work out the intended route. Straight off we head out around 10.30 in a Easterly direction towards the hills. All bikes are registered with the majority of the bikes being 2-strokes.

After the usual initial fast pace to work out pecking order etc we realise there are some serious players amongst us, with NZ Muzz lifting the front wheel for ages. He says that the back brake is the trick.

Cass is sweeping at the the rear working the big XR over the sandy whoops. He was wearing his new Jacket bought earlier that day off gumtree, " a bargain" he says.Nathans bike plays up and then after a spark plug change he is off n running thanks to Inver. The new young guys on KTM's are keeping the older guys honest despite eating a lot of roost.

We arrive back at OVT and are hitting the bar around 2.30 after around a 100km ride.
The boys pick up the drinking pace after Muzz litters the table with the jugs. Round of the day?

Rider of the day= Muzz
Stack of the day Trent, after a big cartwheel down a sandy slope.

Thanks to all and Inver for calling the ride. See you out there soon :-0










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