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Steve's Hill
Date 22/Nov/14
9 Riders Colin, Deepdirt, Fueltanker Allen, Jacko, loba, MickKal, Nathan, Steve, TigeR
Rider of the day Deepdirt
Stack of the day Not awarded
We found Steve's hill. Very difficult to get to the top off and once I got there I found out I had to go back down. Great job by both Steve and Lee leading the ride. Tiger for bringing up the rear and the rest just for having a great day out. Th tracks were mostly fast flowing and i kept looking for another gear when I was already in top.

Fueltanker Allen:
Thanks Steve, thanks TigeR and Crustys.
Great tracks today and an awesome hill.
I think we may have chosen the driest place in WA to ride but it makes the gravel more fun.

Great ride today, all new trails for me. And thanks to DeepDirt who found the mother of all hills for us to have a go at. And a quick pint at the tavern capped off the ride nicely.

Cheers for ride boys.
Some great views through the valley.
A lot of DRZs that seemed to like climbing the snotty hills.Fueltanker Allen threw in one mega wheelie. The freerider of MickKal had some nice trials type poke.
Thankfully my bike went ok and seemed to use little fuel on the hard pack.

thanks steve, col,lee and tiger,another very enjoyable day in the bush

Thanks again guys for the ride,Steve,Colin and Tiger did an excellent job,got to see some new country. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas party

Great to be slip sliding away in some beautiful country yesterday. Thanks to the leads of Steve & Deepdirt. Good to catch up with new and old from loba on his 2nd ride to Colin on his 222nd ride!










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