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No Rain Friday!
Date 01/May/15
9 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Gavin, Hooters, Inver, KLXPete, Nathan, WrfPaul, xradam, XRCass
Rider of the day Inver
Stack of the day Hooters
OK, here Tis, the usual band of dodgy misfits met at the 'OVT' myself Allan, Nathan, pete450, XRcas, WRpaul, Adam,and Gavin, and of course Inver who called the ride. After being tuned in by a 150yr old gardener for wrecking his lawn (WTF????) we cruised off north making our way north to the Yanchep servo, myself crashing about a thousand times an one of particular note- new bike run in, and looking a fair bit second hand already- I'm blaming the rain or lack of it. Didn't seem to worry the others tho cas throwing the big red girl round like a mini bike and pete and Allan doing their usual best to conserve front wheel tyre wear. We had a quick bite at the servo and headed north for a bit of a squirt and a bit of a crack at the biggest coastal hill in WA, a few pics and many laughs. Then southbound back towards the 'OVT' fast sandy whoops ( about a kazillion!!) mixed in with tight sandy tracks awesome trails with a bit of everything, about 20km from the cars a couple of blokes ( no names ) peeled off and took the tar route home, I finished the sweep duties and we made it back to the pub without incident. A few beers to celebrate Allan's 100th ride an a few laughs to wind the day up. I'm nominating myself for crash of the day and Inver for rider of the day for calling the ride, special mention for Allan for the 100th ride and Cas for punting the red devil around. Cheers Inver. I'm sure there are a few pics that will be posted :)








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