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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Red sky in the Morning.
Date 08/Aug/15
3 Riders Fueltanker Allen, lethal, Nathan
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
A late Friday ride call unearthed two keen Crustys.
The plan was a leisurely start from the OVT and to ride after the early morning showers, taking advantage of the wet sand.
I would take the group to some newly cleared tracks near Marmion to avoid the large corrugations and then watch some wildlife North of Yanchep then head East to follow Nathan to the ride park and look at the progress the volunteers have made.
The problem with riding in front of riders like Lethal and Nathan is every time I looked around there was two eager sets of goggles a bikes length behind. Usually a few small hills will sort out a rider or two but not today.
Nathan was making easy work of some of the larger corrugations, not whoops, corrugations. He guided the big Kato with great skill and trying to produce a Stack of the Day was not going to happen.
I have seen Lethal ride before and even though he has not ridden with the Crustys for some time he is still smooth and fast, carving up everything he pointed the front wheel at. Challenging these guys was going to be hard so I figured a bit of trials riding through the worst section of caprock that Inver had found a few weeks before….still nothing.
We manage to avoid every heavy shower and overheating was not a problem. Nathan had a meeting to attend with an airline employee and so it was decided to look at the ride part another day.
Thanks to Nathan and Lethal for sharing the great tracks and wet sand.
Remember, Don’t Ride Alone.






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