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Wire and Rope
Date 30/Apr/16
5 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Inver, Nathan, WrfPaul, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Inver
Wire and Rope
Riders: Inver, Fueltanker Allen, Nathan, XRCass, WRFPaul
SOTD: Inver

Inver's call was spot on, rain most of the week and overnight with cool cloudy (but no rain) conditions on the day. Nathan and I missed the 8am call but made it sheepishly to the start point by 8.30. That gave FTA some extra time to attach a spare tube to the rear fender of the KTM with gaffer tape (no KTM PowerParts Catalog stuff here !).

Inver led the first half of the ride through some some nice flowing pines, fast firetrails and even some (very) tight single track where fallen trees and low hanging branches caught a few out. The rain has finally soaked into the ground more than a few cms so dust was almost non existent and grip was plenty - at least at the rear wheel. Some of us with brand spanking new extra soft mx front tyres had a little more front end grip then those with last years bald DOT approved front tyre (yeah yeah - have ordered a new one).

I had a bit of a moment in the pines when I hit a log on end that was half buried in the dirt and things kinda went a bit squirrely. If it was in the forests anywhere down south prob wouldn't have had room to recover but luckily they plant the trees further apart NOR. At the next corner FTA (sweep) flags me down to complement me on the smooth riding style I have been displaying all day - nope - turns out there's a bloody big length of old rope wrapped tight around my rear hub and caliper. A few mins to sort and we start looking for the next cornerman, and looking, and looking. Eventually spot of flash of orange in the distance and manage to regroup without losing anyone for too long.

We grab some food and fuel and Inver gets me to go up front for a bit around the coastal strip. After about 2 mins of me leading he realises there could be wire lying around on the track up ahead and kindly shoots past me and collects it all in his rear wheel to save me the trouble. Legend ! We space out a bit and hit the fast tracks with loads of blind crests that get the heart pumping. Inver clears a crest and gets air before realising there is a bend just over the top and no track to land on. SOTD to Inver was announced. No damage no injury no worries.

On the way back there is another bundle of fencing wire on the ground (where was Inver?). This one snags my fork leg and pulls me up way too quick. Brief sand nap and then on to one more set of tracks before pub. Turns out Nathan is down to the last tooth on his front sprocket and since home is closer than the pub he heads that way and joins us later by car. WRFPaul turns up for the debrief session and the bench racing begins ...

Cheers for the ride.

Oh yeah - I glanced back a few times at the sweep (FTA). It's not often you see a sweep rider doing stand up wheelies ! Must make it easier to spot fallen riders ?










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