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Mad Dog and Englishman's ride
Date 21/May/16
5 Riders Craig85, Gareth, Jonny5, Nathan, RobboTE300
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Mad Dog and Englishman's ride. Hills area.

What a day. I don't think the weather get's any more wild. If we had any brains we would have called it off.
Nathan went as sweep after realizing just surving the day was an accomplishment.Gareth led the group.

The father and son KTM team of Craig and Gareth were sporting late model 2 strokes. Both of them were riding aggressively, but both bikes had to be towed!

Robbo had a couple of stacks but recovered well to pick up the pace by the day's end. Johnny joined Nathan (riding big bore tractors!) Which were used to tow the kaput KTM's.I think the water soaked tracks meant the bikes were prone to electrical problems. (Only the 2 strokes)

4 strokes definitely won the day, with no problems reported by the WRF450 or KTM 4 strokes.

Lessons learnt: Spare spark plugs are good, tow using the footpeg to footpeg method and never ride the hills without GPS!

YES we are idiots,but happy idiots! ( Beer improved )





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