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Pinjar family clean up
Date 13/Aug/16
5 Riders Andy400, Nathan, Pretz, WrfPaul, XRCass
Rider of the day WrfPaul
Stack of the day Not awarded
Ride Report: Pinjar family clean up.
Players: Andy400, Nathan, Pretz, WRFPaul, XRCass
SOTD: Not Awarded
Paul called the event despite a very sore knee and for that impressive effort gets a well-deserved ROTD. Would be very easy to sit back and put his feet up.
We meet up earlish, well gentleman’s time of 9am to participate in the RTRA clean-up. Steve on the ball with the tools and I grab the mattock (pick axe) and clear some paths for water to drain off the in the corners of the Pee Wee track. Paul, wife and his two kids grab rubbish bags with Steve Pretz and with Brett from DPaw and a big ass trailer take care of the rubbish pick up. Another DPaw legend (sorry forgot name) fires up the BBQ with some beef and chicken snags, onions, sauces and some cool drinks and after a few hours of graft the place is looking fresh, warm food and a cool drink. Nathan (and his daughter) on a nice new Honda chip in and some riding time is in order. XRcass arrives and does some babysitting duties so Nathan can get a good blat on the new beast and he comes back stoked.
Headed out a bit North out towards the power plant keeping mostly to the hard pack. One wrong turn and find some whoops – STOP – Head sideways and find a more pleasant option. Gess whoops are either getting bigger or were just getting a bit older :-). Plenty of clean flat sand runs available through the pine tree areas with good visibility as the recent burn through has reduced the ground fuel load that sometimes hides the odd stump. Few roos about so take a cautious approach and they clear off with ample space so neither rider or roo freak out to much.
A quick beer, fun banter back at the cars and another good day had by all.

Thanks for a top ride to day Andy, there are some premo tracks 10 to 20ks north of Pinjar. Defiantly worth another ride there, close to home and no whoops.

Quite a spin to come over that hill and see that massive gas turbine power station.

Your the poster boy of today's clean up with your pic on the pinjars Facebook page, digging drainage ditches. Well done.
Good to catch up with Nathan and Cass again, haven't seen them in yonks.

A beer and some banter is a good way to end a ride.







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