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JB500 2020
When: 11/Sep/20 to 12/Sep/20
Contact: XRCass

The JB500 is on again this year.

Threw a few dates around with Inver (you can never get everyone's availability to line up) and we came up with 11-12 Sept.

When: Fri 11 and Sat 12 Sept
Day 1 Fri: Quinns 0800 to Jurien about 1700
Day 2 Sat: Jurien 0900 back to Quinns about 1700

It's a 2 day ride so need a change of clothes etc but we stay in a house with plenty of beds and have dinner at the pub so no camp/cook gear needed.

In the AM drop gear bags whatever in a ute that heads up to Jurien sometime during the day.
We stay overnight in a rental house (shared cost), get a feed at pub, then back the next day after a cooked brekkie at the house.
The ride is about 250km each way, maybe 8 hrs on the bike each day with as little bitumen as possible (maybe 20km) and mostly different tracks up and back.
Yes there may be some sand.
The longest stretch between fuel is about 95km so most bikes are fine for range. We had a few 300 2-strokes do the trip ok and some bikes will have fuel to spare if its needed.

Last year we saved a bunch of time stuffing around at each fuel stop by ponying up fuel money before we left and just having one person paying for all the fuel (about 400L last year) so will do the same again.
Will split the costs for accom, brekkie, couple beers at the house between whoever comes along. Pub dinner is your own cost.

Let Inver or myself know if coming along as we had 10 last year and that's probably the max we should keep it to.
Bike needs to be in good nick and bring a spare tube if you run em.

These will give you an idea of what to expect.

... oh yeah there will be a different route North of Lano to the one we took last year (the one where Inver got 2-flats inside 5 mins).


Capel 2020
When: 12/Sep/20

Capel 2020


20th Anniversary
When: 10/Oct/20 to 11/Oct/20

Location: Ocean View Tavern (Wanneroo Road Neerabup)
Date: Saturday 10th October
Time: On the bike by 9:30
Back around 3:00
Drinks at OVT to start around 4:00 on

Ride from OVT to Woodridge Cafe
and return 100kms to 120kms
There would be plenty of time to stop for lattes
This would be a laid back ride with a couple of hill climbs thrown in for a laugh

I think this would work well as we can have a ride in morning and drinks in the afternoon to catch with any old Crusty that donít ride any more.

If anyone is interested and available please post up
Cheers Inver


20 years of CC. I remember the 10 year celebration as it was a pretty good size group and Jaw even turned up. Brad suggested a run up the water tanks at Yanchep as that is where it all happened. There were lots of Lano rides, night rides and when we did a Metro Rd ride it was like we were trailing the bikes to another part of the world. The Ocean View Tav was important back in the day and a trip to the pines for a squirt was often on the cards.

I'll be happy to join in what ever comes around. Please check the PAR events when considering dates. We are away on the annual Midwest ride early June for a week.

I reckon Brad could track down Jaw for this anniversary. Without him it would never have happened.

Col - TigeR - yep, I'm glad CQ is still making riding happen. Although, in 2000 when I wrote this, I should have been writing Facebook instead :-) All that I wanted was a place where we could post a ride report (because who doesn't like to talk about/relive a ride), send messages to each other, and the points system because it's always a competition. Ticked off all three, in the process learnt how to not write a website. Thankfully Tige sorted out the worst of it.

We once talked about going to a forum but nah, even way back then I thought it was pretty clear it's not what people wanted. Too hard, and not much fun.

...I think everyone thought I was nuts in the early days, when there were no cameras on phones, heck, no such thing as a smartphone, so I carried around a "little" digital camera while riding "Hi there, I'm JAW, we are Crusty Quinns, wanna ride with us? Here, let me take your photo for the web." But it was what I wanted, a place where nobody is a stranger, we could all "meet", take the piss out of each other, all the while looking out for each other, have fun.

Hooters - thanks for the offer mate, but I stuffed up my neck a few years back on "those other bikes what don't have motors". I stay away from two wheels now.

But it's great to stop by from time to time and see you blokes still at it, strong as ever!

Onya jaw,ya nailed it first up. We wouldnt change a thing.

Good stuff JAW. As Jacko said, you nailed it first up.

You were certainly ahead of your time in your thinking back in 2000.
Proper social media!

See you at the 20th anniversary bash in 2020.

Well Jaw as the guy with the most ride points so far I feel that I have benefited the most from this site and owe you and everyone else that I have met here so much so THANKS

I must say although I havenít done a lot of rides over the time I have been on the site the guys I have meet and formed friendships with have made it a fantastic place to enjoy a like minded hobby. Also the wives are great fun to catch up with when we have the Christmas get together. Thanks to all members who have kept this group going and continue to do so into the future.

Thanks Jaw for what you have done and hope to see at the 20 anniversary


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