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The RTRA took my baby away!
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19/Dec/20     #1235  
11 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
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Covid Christmas Drinks
Well that was a laugh. Merry Xmas all ...

Thanks for the drinks & laugh on Saturday night.
No one got kicked out but it was a close c...
02/Dec/20     #1234  
2 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
New Toy
A tiny bit of rain so I call a ride to test my new suspension out.
What I've not told anyone is it's all wrapped up & surrounded by a new 2020 model 450...
28/Nov/20     #1233  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Single track adventure riding
Great Adv ride yesterday led by Tommy - 230kms off road all up.

First leg was 150km from Sawyers to North Bannister - with a liberal sprinkling of sing...
21/Nov/20     #1232  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Brookton easy Adv
MickKal - Thanks for the ride today Tommy, it was an enjoyable 270klm cruise thru the countryside to Brookton and back. The only real holdup for the day was whe...
16/Nov/20     #1231  
2 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
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Mondays Extreme Single
Zane has been a bit slack...
14/Nov/20     #1230  
16 riders

ROTD: MickKal
SOTD: Hooters
November Rain
!--CQ youtube--iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen/iframe

24/Oct/20     #1229  
4 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: JerseyBoy
Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2020
Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2020
Jersey boy, Inver, Ponce and Jacko
I didnít post any thing up prior to this year KDR with cov19 and a couple of people get...
17/Oct/20     #1228  
6 riders

ROTD: Hoofhearted
SOTD: Not awarded
Pemby weekend part one: sat
Players Dave(Hoofarted), Jack, Hooters, Reagan, Callum, Brett, Pounce, Tommy
Dave called it, and we came! Great call from a ...
17/Oct/20     #1227  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Sawyers Man on Man ride
Since most of the Crusty regulars were down Pemby way for the 2 day ride there were a few stragglers feeling left out who wanted a local ride. So Jnr Called it ...
10/Oct/20     #1226  
27 riders

ROTD: Inver
SOTD: Not awarded
20th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland
Thanks for the ride today guys, well lead Inver. Good job keeping everyone together Cass and an awesome job with the big 20 on the hill. Great day, to have 19 r...
02/Oct/20     #1225  
19 riders

ROTD: Jack
SOTD: Not awarded
Jack's Epic Northcliffe 2020
Northcliffe weekend, Friday arvo
Players Hooters, Junior, Allan, RMX guy, Jack, Biggles, Tiger, Hoofarted (Dave), Pounce, Rothy, Mickal, Pete, Martyn, Tommy...
26/Sep/20     #1224  
7 riders

ROTD: Martyn
SOTD: Not awarded
Pounces Pet Python
Pounce decided to call another 20th anniversary ride for the Crusties, the first call down his way.
Good fun with some overgrown single, old whooped out sin...

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