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14/Sep/19     #1173  
8 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
JB500 2019
The JB500 2019 ... 10 Riders, 507 km, 400L of fuel. More than one no hand superman. Everyone made it back safe one way or another. My phone died so ...
07/Sep/19     #1172  
16 riders

ROTD: DazzaM
SOTD: Not awarded
Best Woky Ever
Wow! What a great weekend. Dazz really laid it on for us this time. The weather was perfect the conditions the same due to big rain early in the week an the tra...
31/Aug/19     #1171  
5 riders

ROTD: Jacko
SOTD: Jacko
Jackos Knee
Good call Inver - no rain today (get stuffed BoM) … just wet ground to hoon around on all day. I think everyone hit the ground/tree/creek at some point. 190km, ...
25/Aug/19     #1170  
9 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
“Where,re my boots”
Mickkal, Hooters, Tommy, JB, Macca, Hazi, Ant, Jack, KTMike,

Mitch called it a ride at J Town, sneaky code for the northern hil...
25/Aug/19     #1169  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Brookton Pony 3 2019
Brookton Pony 3 2019

Riders Jinxky, JNR, Acid Gloves

Well the last Brookton express turned out to be quite a challenge with people going to ho...
18/Aug/19     #1168  
7 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Boiling Bikes
Thanks KtmMike for the lead and the nice selection of trails, a few in reverse to our normal direction which made it interesting and a new hill. Awesome. Also J...
10/Aug/19     #1167  
14 riders

ROTD: Pounce
SOTD: Not awarded
Pounces 200th
Pounce’s 200” 14 riders: Tommy, Pounce, Jacko, ktmike, Pikey, Slates, Junior, Hooters, CRF Andrew, James, Darren, JB, Mickal, and Ant

Tommy called it f...
04/Aug/19     #1166  
3 riders

SOTD: Not awarded
Cass' sand tour
Nice little ride with JB and Tiger today … only a half day but had plenty of fun. Just short of Chittering roadhouse and back plus a few diversions...
27/Jul/19     #1165  
13 riders

ROTD: pete450
SOTD: Not awarded
Nannup camp out July 2019
What a cracking ride. Thank you Pete for leading on the best tracks in the South West i reckon. And Dazza for the sweeping. Took a while to get all that thick s...
13/Jul/19     #1162  
9 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Woky in July
Nine at Woky.

Thanks Daz for leading another awesome ride, nine of us made it there and thanks H Mike for sweeping.
Mike (Husky Mike), Mike (KTMike...
09/Jul/19     #1163  
4 riders

ROTD: Jacko
SOTD: Not awarded
Steep Point 2019
All back safe from the shark bay ride. Had a lot of fun and great scenery bogged in deep mud a few times so thanks for coming to my re...
06/Jul/19     #1161  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Mostly single track
Pete450, 2slow and three locals.
Thanks Pete for an awesome ride (Look out DazzaM you've got some competition there for "Great Job Leading" I hope you can m...

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