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23/May/20     #1198  
3 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
95 and a bit.
95 and a bit.
Jack called a run in a ride on Saturday. XR Cass, Husq Mike (and nearly Jacko) turned up.Jacko got way layed and could not make it.We started ...
09/May/20     #1197  
9 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Tommy
Mickkals Tanks Ride
Awesome day out on the bikes with a great bunch today, Mickkal ya killed it up front & old Mr faithful Jacko for the sweeps.
Few little mishaps but noth...
05/May/20     #1196  
6 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Always waiting for Jinxy
Absolute awesome ride today once Jinxy finally showed up, thanks MickKal for the sweep duties & was wicked to ride with the 2 new lads who I think will be k...
02/May/20     #1194  
8 riders

SOTD: Not awarded
Covid restrictions relaxed
Date: 2/05/2020
8 Riders: Jinxy, KTM Mike, Bunga, Tommy, Inver, JNR, WR Ross, Slates.
Ride of the day: Tommy/WR Ross
Stack of the day: Not awardedb...
28/Apr/20     #1195  
4 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Dwelly Elbow Bump ADV ride
Dwelly Elbow Bump ADV ride

Riders Tommy, Pounce, KTMMike, MickKal

Tommy’s plan was to do a ride down to Pounces new neig...
20/Mar/20     #1191  
8 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Hooters
Freaky Friday
Ride report, “freaky Friday”
Hooters, Usa Tommy, Junior, Mickal, Ktm Mike, Jacko, Bike Mad, Dave too slow, Hazi, Beta Ross, and Beta Darren
A couple o...
07/Mar/20     #1190  
6 riders

ROTD: Hooters
SOTD: Not awarded
New Leader New Toy
Great day, perfect to run the bike in, thanks Mitch for the map, great fresh air up front, apart from junior blasting past me at warp speed, cheers all
08/Feb/20     #1189  
6 riders

SOTD: Not awarded
Lol Gray, No chopper required ride.
Riders – MickKal, Tiger, Jnr, Hazi, Jacko, KTMMike
ROTD – Jnr
SOTD – No offs that were witnessed

6 Summer Time Diehards turned up...
02/Feb/20     #1192  
2 riders

ROTD: Pounce
SOTD: Not awarded
Laos 2020
Another great adventure and a lot of research done by Pounce
Read this report

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14/Dec/19     #1188  
16 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
07/Dec/19     #1187  
5 riders

ROTD: MickKal
SOTD: jinxy
Lol Gray ride not lol
Mickkal put out a proposed ride he was thinking of starting at the rock inn and going for an explore towards Lol Gray area and back thru wandering for a pint an...
30/Nov/19     #1186  
5 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Bully 2 Toodjay n back
[WR Ross]
Thanks for the ride today Tommy and crew, great tracks and pretty good weather for this time of year. I got a flat front tyre just as I left Bulls...

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