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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Jacko - Poster Boy
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Photo: /gallery/007500.jpg
Contact Phone: 0402678089
Email: michellejackson at iinet dot com dot au
Bike ya have? 2018 Beta Xtrainer 300
Wot's ya Profile? been riding since teens. rode alot in NQ
Stylin' or holdin' on? take it easy and get there in one peice
Fave Spot? love the cape york trip. dont like big woops.
Howdyajoin? found the crustys on the net and from freinds
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (02/Mar/09)
219 Rides Last seen out in the last month (17/Sep/22)
23 Awards 18 ROTDs and 5 SOTDs
658 Posts Last piped up in the last month (18/Sep/22 12:22 pm)
Last bunch'o rides
17/Sep/22Jackos secret Birthday    
20/Aug/22Woky 2022  SOTD
30/Jul/22Single Track Overload ride - East Lakes   
04/Jun/22Finke Spectator Ride to Alice   
28/May/22Julimar Enduro ride   
21/May/22Adventure Rally 2022 de signing   
05/Mar/22Crusty E-bikers?    
06/Nov/21The Young Ones   
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