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25/May/22 7:26 pm     #16687  
87 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
See you Saturday Mick,
25/May/22 1:58 pm     #16686  
86 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
25/May/22 1:28 pm     #16685  
123 rides: Captain Fat Pants
Hooters's Avatar
Iíll join ya mick
25/May/22 12:45 pm     #16684  
133 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Ok then the ride is on for Saturday at Julimar, usual parking spot, 86klm, stands up at 8:00. Ride numbers capped at 10. I will post up this ride on FB on Thursday night.
Sorry Andrew I cant do Sunday.

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25/May/22 8:59 am     #16683  
214 rides: Poster Boy
Jacko's Avatar
ill be into that mick, been a while.
24/May/22 8:31 pm     #16682  
86 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
Hi mick
Itís been awhile for me
But Iíd be keen for a Sunday ride
Canít do Saturday
24/May/22 8:28 pm     #16681  
133 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Good point Jnr, has anyone been up there recently, I thought it was meant to start along the southern boundary somewhere?
24/May/22 8:00 pm     #16680  
138 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Ya better hurry up 😳🤦‍♂️
They just won another contract yesterday 😏

24/May/22 7:13 pm     #16679  
133 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Anyone want to ride Julimar this Saturday?
23/May/22 10:57 am     #16678  
234 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Leap frogging 4 other riders on mint trails so you still get some good blatts in, slamming the brakes on because you just saw a sign out of the corner of your eye, scooting through the bush to get to another, finding a cool little python, beer, port & chicken kebabs around the fire & Labor winning, a fucking good weekend.
22/May/22 6:35 pm     #16677  
146 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Adventure rally de sign.
Thanks to Jacko and Pounce for the big effort on Saturday.We managed to do the whole North loop de sign with a couple of the T&E guys.
No dramas on the day, but snake charmer pounce managed to pick up a carpet snake quietly minding its own business on the track.
Sat night , we found a bottle of tequilla and a bottle of Galway pipe port in my shed.Not mine ,but I honestly did try to find the owner.No luck.
Anyhow, we killed the port and dented the Tequilla.
I did not find out until Sunday ,that I had bought these for a my son inlaw's birthday.
Getting old and forgetting things is handy sometimes.
Election night did fuel some feisty debate on politics and other stuff.Nothing to do with the port and tequilla of course.Unlike politics ,where there was a clear winner. HM and Pounce were not going to concede.
20/May/22 8:02 pm     #16676  
146 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Guys,trying for a stands up at 8.30 tomorrow..See how we go.
19/May/22 2:34 pm     #16675  
26 rides: Diehard
Jason's Avatar
Adventure Rally 2022
Missed the last couple for one reason or another but was looking forward to getting back on the bike and having a ride. Husky Dan (brother in law) travelled down nice and early on Sunday. Cannot wait for all the work at Mornington to be finished so we can get back to camping. Looks like they have heaps planned for the site.
Caught up with Pounce and Tommy who were sweeping the event. Thanks to them and all the other volunteers that allow us to just rock up and ride!
Haven't been on the bike for a while so went out mid pack which was perfect. All the throttle jockey primed the course up for us slower buggers! Haha
Morning loop was good, a few areas of whoops and a little tighter stuff but the arvo loops was primo! It really is what I love most about riding. The last little section coming into came along the property fence line was a perfect way to finish each loop!
I had my first decent 'off' in a very long time late on the last loop. Came around a 180 bend and got on the gas for the back wheel to hook up but then deflect off something throwing me off line and into a hole. Bike stopped... I didn't! Landed hard and knocked the wind out of me and a few scrapes up my side and rear shoulder from landing on some of those lovely orange rocks. Some nice bruising now but my neck brace and chest armour did their job!
Already cannot wait for Capel 200 and see the CQ around the fire on Friday night!
19/May/22 9:10 am     #16674  
77 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Anyone up for a short ride sat morn (about 4hr/120km) leaving from pinjar off road vehicle area?

I am in for the JB500!
18/May/22 7:05 pm     #16672  
74 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Gíday to u all
Itís been a while Iíve been busy ridding some MX up at AJS
Now the rain has started it time to go bush
Iíll be calling the odd OVT ride but I must get some single trail ridding in before the rain stops
The annual JB 500 ride will be on September 9th and 10th Iíll post more details at a later date
Hope to see u all out there soon
Cheers Inver
18/May/22 5:02 pm     #16671  
60 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Todd I didnít mind that drop of red you brought, then again I liked pretty much everything I drank that night 🍷
17/May/22 7:05 pm     #16670  
111 rides: Two Stroke Todd
ToddHusqy's Avatar
Mike, that Shiraz is a fine drop at 2,99 ,,no wonder it's always sold out :-)
17/May/22 5:38 pm     #16669  
146 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
A cheeky 2019 bin 389 cab/shiraz might just top the $6 Aldi red.Just saying.
17/May/22 4:53 pm     #16668  
138 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
A nice glass of Port will fix that Covid HuskyTodd but not that crap from Aldi 😂
17/May/22 3:08 pm     #16667  
111 rides: Two Stroke Todd
ToddHusqy's Avatar
You mean KatoTodd with Covid :-(
17/May/22 1:34 pm     #16666  
234 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
You mean ToddHusky? 😂😷
17/May/22 1:15 pm     #16665  
138 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Where was Todd ?? 😂😂😂
16/May/22 12:09 pm     #16664  
146 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
I missed Todd on my thanks list for helping sign the event.
Sorry buddy.A pity you could not make it on the main day
16/May/22 11:02 am     #16663  
234 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
12 hours sleep last night.
I haven't done one of these in the last few years, why pay when you can ride it for free!
After helping out the past few weeks I realise the amount of work the volunteers do just signing the course & sweeping so these things go smoothly. It's a big effort for the T&E so kudos to them for doing this.
220 riders & no drama so it is worth the money for a well designed course.
We pre swept half of the south loop in the morning, then pre swept half the north loop before it was opened, the did the full north loop. I think I did around 130 k's
It's the first time I have only drank 10 beers over two night at Casa del Sandalwood.
Thanks to everyone involved & as Mike said, we're de signing next weekend so let him know if you're in.
16/May/22 10:06 am     #16662  
138 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Thanks for the weekend to the Crustyís that was down at the Estate, was good to catch up around the fire with a few beers & a yarn, it wouldíve been tough on the sweeps having to do a lot of kms in such a short time but it sounded like everything went smoothly so well done 👍👌, I was jealous of you guys going out in supreme conditions on Sunday but I did enjoy having some battles on the 110ís with the young lads 🤙
Hope to see you guys out there soon 🤘
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