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The RTRA took my baby away!
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23/Jun/17 8:30 pm     #10932  
64 rides: Boot Scooting Bobby
WRRob's Avatar
Eddie you clearly didn't listen to Mickal's advice.... Patience my friend
23/Jun/17 7:07 pm     #10931  
205 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
See you in the morning Mick
23/Jun/17 6:56 pm     #10930  
0 rides: Visitor
See you at the lakes, James
23/Jun/17 6:08 pm     #10929  
59 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar
See you at Lakes BP at 8 Mick.
23/Jun/17 6:05 pm     #10928  
54 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
Have fun boys catch ya's next weekend
23/Jun/17 3:59 pm     #10927  
64 rides: Your GOD
Acid Gloves Eddy's Avatar
So where’s the invite for the rest of us Rob or are we not good enough for you anymore ???
Feeling left out and unwanted :(
23/Jun/17 1:41 pm     #10926  
64 rides: Boot Scooting Bobby
WRRob's Avatar
Sorry boys i'm heading down to God's country for the weekend riding down there. Have a good Lakes ride!
23/Jun/17 7:22 am     #10925  
68 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Aunty Mavis (world famous Agony Aunt)

Now Allen my boy (sorry she doesn't know "boy" is no longer considered a term of endearment)

These are real dilemma's that you are dealing with, of course family is important and comes first but getting out on your bike is also good, it makes you into the best man that you can be, for your family. (I don't mean those over weight (sorry politically incorrect) under powered bikes, where you sit on the side of the road and brew coffee but we are talking about your Enduro weapon, where you go hard and then drink beer.

A mega shrimp dealer once said "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"

Al, my boy (sorry) small steps and deal with each chocolate as you open it. before you know it, "Bob's your uncle" (or your Aunty, we don't want to stereo type Bob) You will be making decisions that you feel good about and also keeping everyone happy.

This is a free expert service from Aunty Mavis.

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22/Jun/17 7:47 pm     #10924  
145 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
I know where your going Mick,see ya there.
22/Jun/17 7:27 pm     #10923  
20 rides: Chuck Norris, the Legend
BMWbeej's Avatar
If your family loves you they will still be there after the ride....
22/Jun/17 7:25 pm     #10922  
114 rides: The one & only
Fueltanker Allen's Avatar
Just checking with the experts.

What is more important.....
A great ride after the rain or
Family commitments....

Seems to me that it rarely rains but family is there all of the time.

Sorry, just having commitment issues, I should be more committed to my riding!
22/Jun/17 7:15 pm     #10921  
19 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar

Mate if I run it on diesel it may slow it down a bit ha ha


22/Jun/17 7:13 pm     #10920  
19 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar

Cheers mate thanks for the advice 👍

22/Jun/17 7:12 pm     #10919  
68 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Aargh, keen to ride but need to take my daughter to the airport to give her a pep talk prior to a 6 week Europe tour.

Bunga, I am a big fan of cubes, open the throttle as much as you need and lower revs means less wear and maintenance.
22/Jun/17 6:36 pm     #10918  
43 rides: Diehard
Inver's Avatar
Bunga my 2014 500 not a hand full at all loads of torque 3rd gear very where grate in the sand
I whent one tooth bigger on the front sprocket that smoothed out the power nicely
22/Jun/17 6:32 pm     #10917  
19 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
Hey Mick,
I had a 530 myself and it was super hard work but chatting to a few people they said add the remap to reduce the aggressive output so I will ring the mechanic tomorrow to run this past him. Was looking for a 450 but nothing secondhand in this condition.
22/Jun/17 6:24 pm     #10916  
16 rides: Regular
JB's Avatar
I'm in for the Lakes, see you guys at 8
22/Jun/17 6:21 pm     #10915  
41 rides: Diehard
MickKal's Avatar
Bunga I had a 525 and the first half of the throttle is nice and mellow and well suited to the average rider, but if you choose to use the second half of the throttle it can scare the shit out of a good rider.
22/Jun/17 6:16 pm     #10914  
70 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
See you there mickkal

This post was edited on: 22/Jun/17 6:17 pm
22/Jun/17 6:13 pm     #10913  
41 rides: Diehard
MickKal's Avatar
Patience is a virtue Eddy. Ride is on for Saturday meet at the lakes at 8:00 to then drive to the parking spot out east. Will be around 85klms of twisty stuff. Plenty of rain so it should be good.
22/Jun/17 5:26 pm     #10912  
64 rides: Your GOD
Acid Gloves Eddy's Avatar
So is anyone actually going to call a ride ?????
22/Jun/17 5:00 pm     #10911  
19 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
Just viewed a 2015 KTM 500 exc, guy wants $9000 it has 935kms on it. Very clean bike the question to those who ride them are they a real handfull for an average rider ?
Coming off a 390 Berg.
22/Jun/17 1:25 pm     #10910  
64 rides: Boot Scooting Bobby
WRRob's Avatar
Karma for blowing us all off last weekend
22/Jun/17 12:14 pm     #10909  
54 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
The rain has come and I'm off to work- bike gods hate me
22/Jun/17 10:41 am     #10908  
17 rides: Regular
Antt's Avatar
Good to see the rain has arrived. Was starting to worry Capel was going to be a dust bowl.
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