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20/Jul/18 7:49 pm     #12804  
39 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Goggles and snorkel packed for just in case, see you in the morning .
20/Jul/18 7:04 pm     #12803  
21 rides: Diehard
2slow's Avatar
see you at the Rock Inn. Mmmm Ktm or Yamaha Super Jet?
20/Jul/18 6:40 pm     #12802  
65 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Not much Pounce, unless we get lost we should be keeping west of that swampy track.
20/Jul/18 5:48 pm     #12801  
188 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar
How much do I win if I bet you have that really wet track included Mick?
20/Jul/18 4:22 pm     #12799  
65 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
GPS says 88klms for tomorrows ride, see you guys in the morning, 8am start.
20/Jul/18 1:45 pm     #12798  
33 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Afternoon gents,
I decided to check on my HBF Insurance policy to see if I am 100% covered for ambulance rescue out in the bush and they said itís decided on a case by case incident. Therefore no guarantee that I wonít be possibly left out of pocket should the worst happen. I think a lot of people just take for guaranteed that they are covered. I have sent an email to St Johns Ambulance to get a quote for remote coverage and will post up the cost once they get back to me.
Enjoy the ride tomorrow and be safe.
20/Jul/18 1:28 pm     #12797  
236 rides: Living the Crusty life
Colin's Avatar
Doing a little two day ride in Bali on the 26 and 27 September while up there on holidays. 4 committed so far riding CRF250 Rally. It is not an enduro ride but a adventure/trail ride more off road than on but nothing hard. Bikes, fuel, lunch, drinks and tour guide around $100.00 a day.

PM me if you are interested. You can stay anywhere you like as they will just send a van around to pick everyone one up each morning.

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20/Jul/18 9:24 am     #12796  
84 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
haha Jnr. I can Bluetooth the track across to you, if my under-powered 480 (and old rider) is holding you up :)

I am in for tomorrow, see you boys there.

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20/Jul/18 8:46 am     #12795  
70 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Someone say fast open tracks next Saturday :))) 690ís gonna love it, bring a hose if u need fuel.
19/Jul/18 11:24 pm     #12794  
7 rides: Regular
KTMike's Avatar
Count me in Darin for next Saturdays ride. I will not require fuel.
19/Jul/18 5:12 pm     #12793  
27 rides: Darwinhard
ktm carl's Avatar
Count me in for Sat gents
19/Jul/18 5:09 pm     #12792  
84 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Thanks Colin

Ok, I will call it for next Saturday.
Reverse direction of what a few of us rode last time.
Meet at Intersection of Talbot Rd. West and Great Southern at 8.30 for a short drive to park spot.
If you can't do 170kms you need to confirm that you are coming as I will arrange fuel for you. (2 bangers bring oil)
Bring sufficient water/snax as there is no servo.
Open fast flowing tracks, back at cars +/- early afternoon.
Email or txt me if you need more info.

I may also be coming on Sat. Mick, just waiting for a few things to line up.
19/Jul/18 5:09 pm     #12791  
59 rides: Rib Tickling Funny Bloke
Rothy's Avatar
See you sat Mickkal ;)
19/Jul/18 3:16 pm     #12790  
236 rides: Living the Crusty life
Colin's Avatar
Pretty sure Yarra is OK all the way.
19/Jul/18 12:45 pm     #12789  
84 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Thanks Colin, is Yarra road ok for a ute, from Brookton to Great Southern. We are going to do the rally ride that we did with PAR.
19/Jul/18 9:50 am     #12788  
236 rides: Living the Crusty life
Colin's Avatar
Darin - You will have to choose your trails for the ute. Stick to the gravel roads as some of the trails could be a little difficult in a car.

I would probably drive down Brookton Highway and hide the fuel in the bush near Bereking Road, then drive up to Yarra Road and all the way up to the Highway and then down to the starting point. You could still use the Lakes Road House (safer for cars) and ride from there. Do the reverse to pick up your fuel cans at the end.
19/Jul/18 9:42 am     #12787  
84 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Yup good call pete, see ya at the rock in micky
19/Jul/18 9:41 am     #12786  
84 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Thanks Jack.

I will email you.

I am sure between Tommy, you and I we can make a plan, probably best to see who is keen, so we know if it will be worth doing and what amount of fuel will be required.

I think the 30ks of bitumen will be too much.
19/Jul/18 7:46 am     #12785  
232 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
I will see you there Mickkal
18/Jul/18 8:50 pm     #12784  
39 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Txt me a google maps pin and I can drop the fuel off, itís only a stones throw from my house.
Or how about a detour to York townsite for lunch, will mean about 30km of bitumen ?
18/Jul/18 8:13 pm     #12783  
35 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
I think we might as well call it nannup ride postponed.We donít mind riding through a bit of rain but 25mm with a 30 knot wind behind it is not much fun.Hopefully we can sort something out soon if buy some slim chance itís not that bad will still head out for a ride will post something up last minute if anyone is keen
18/Jul/18 7:41 pm     #12782  
65 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Ride for sat 8:00 start at the Rock Inn/Paddyís 90ish Kimís. Might need a jacket
18/Jul/18 5:39 pm     #12781  
65 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Ok I have a leave pass for Saturday where are we going? Rock inn maybe
18/Jul/18 10:52 am     #12780  
21 rides: Diehard
2slow's Avatar
I'm a good chance Hooters
18/Jul/18 8:35 am     #12779  
84 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Just talked to pete nannup is looking like being rained out, anyone keen on a local wet ride sat if nannup is cancelled- which at this stage looks likely
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