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The RTRA took my baby away!
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16/Aug/18 11:29 am     #12951  
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pete450's Avatar
Anyone keen for nannup on Saturday?
15/Aug/18 9:55 pm     #12950  
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Ant's Avatar
Hooters, itís ok bro, the rugby starts this weekend.
15/Aug/18 4:45 pm     #12948  
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Hooters's Avatar
Omg the haters hating on me cause Iím an immigrant, spewing Iím working as Iím not too old to roost an I think that thousand dollar headlight might be worth a tad less after itís been ďhootered!Ē Have fun super jealous will be a great weekend 14psi remember
15/Aug/18 11:38 am     #12947  
33 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Ok Iím going to stay at home and suck my thumb and feel offended and maybe pull the wings off a few flys
15/Aug/18 11:18 am     #12946  
236 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Jnr - You are forgetting I will be riding a highly tuned DRZ with a thousand dollar headlight and three other modifications so the likelihood of passing me is pretty slim.

Just joking - can we all just focus on roosting Bunga all day?
15/Aug/18 10:19 am     #12945  
33 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Cheers, Darin, Col and Jnr see you gents there
15/Aug/18 8:41 am     #12944  
72 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Oh uncle Col I got feelings ya no :(( thanks for the personal invite & will b looking forward to riding with u, ps I have just ordered a new back tyre for the 690 for u too :))
15/Aug/18 7:50 am     #12943  
236 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Cheers Dazza - I had one on my first WR450 way back in 2003 when they were just invented. I loved it on horrible slippery hill climbs with all the power control. I suppose they are much the same as they were back then!!! Just a Pee Wee 500 really!

I am heading down to Ironstone for the adventure ride too. A number of us are going down on Friday afternoon (bikes on trailers)setting up camp, getting a fire organised and going to the Capel Pub for dinner, then back to camp fire. The ride is from 9.00 and out to Greenbushes and back but on easy trails.

Saturday night is a BBBQ and camp fire before returning Sunday morning although the local boys would be keen to get you out on their "secret" enduro loops if you wanted to join them.

Your $30.00 membership allows you to ride in all their club events which are really just like CQ events with a lead and sweep etc but with really good amenities for camping over.

Hope to see a few more of you down there with the exception of Hooters and Jnr who are both just immature silly little boys.
15/Aug/18 7:18 am     #12942  
87 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Bunga, I have also joined Ironstone, with a view to doing the trail ride. Good value for a Southwest ride.
15/Aug/18 4:31 am     #12941  
33 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Just paid for the Ironstone Perth Adventure Ride on the 8th and 9th September. Hope to see some Crustys down that way for the Friday and Saturday night camp out and piss up.
14/Aug/18 9:34 pm     #12940  
93 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Hi Colin the Rekluse are a good thing. I have had them in all my 4st over the last few years
Once you had one pretty had to go back. A lot of positives and little negatives, price being one negative.
The 500 will a great bike for what i brought for, more of the long distance and open rides. Big difference between the 2016 to the current 2019 model
14/Aug/18 7:14 pm     #12939  
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KTMike's Avatar
Anyone keen on a ride from my place in Byford out toward Jarradale on Saturday, approx 100kms? No Hooters we are not going to upset the walkers again, I think.
14/Aug/18 9:23 am     #12938  
85 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Weather looking good!! Iím keen
14/Aug/18 9:11 am     #12937  
236 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Dazza - How is the new steed with the Rekluse?
13/Aug/18 12:16 pm     #12936  
68 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Good job on the report Mike!
12/Aug/18 9:31 pm     #12935  
8 rides: Regular
GeordieBaz's Avatar
Thanks for a great ride in the hills yesterday. Thank to Mick for leading and Michael and Tommy for sweep duties. A fun day.
12/Aug/18 7:53 pm     #12934  
54 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Took the young bloke to pinjar family and peewee tracks this afternoon fir a few hours. Water everywhere (not as much as Ovt sand ride but still plenty). RTRA have done a great job recently adding drainage points every corner of the family trail. Big ups !!
12/Aug/18 2:29 pm     #12933  
2 rides: Player
Creepy1974's Avatar
Hi All
Thanks for a great ride yesterday in the hills. Never been so wet and muddy?
Again thanks to ride lead and the sweeps
12/Aug/18 12:18 pm     #12932  
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TigeR's Avatar
My fillings in my teeth have finally stopped rattling after that last whooped out track back to the OVT.

Thanks for the ride yesterday. Brilliantly led by Cass, the man with sand in his veins.

Nice write up JB.

Hope the eye is ok Jacko, how you managed to ride back on those tracks like that amazes me.

Good to catch up with the rest of the crew.

All hail the new king - Tommy!
12/Aug/18 11:46 am     #12931  
54 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Anyone got a pw80 / klx110 or similar kids bike with auto clutch thatís gathering dust in the shed that they want to sell ? Prefer older (2002 ish). Fixer uppers fine also. Send me details of what you have and will take a look. Cheers. 0402 201 055. (No pit bikes/clones).

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12/Aug/18 10:35 am     #12930  
37 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Great ride in busso yesterday with awesome conditions and no rain! As dazz mentioned mostly easy going trails with just a bit of good single trails thrown in the mix.Its a huge shame thereís been so much logging in the area demolishing most of the best trails including the special test sections which I was looking forward to showing the guys,but thatís why the pines are put there in the first place I spose.With most of our riding being nannup and woky I quite enjoyed a cruisy ride with plenty of opportunities to stretch the throttle cable and click a few gears.Looking forward to the next one and young Kane welcome anytime, that kid can ride!
12/Aug/18 9:57 am     #12929  
93 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Busselton Ride
I picked up myself a new 500 and was thinking of a good place to run it in and Pete 450 suggested Busselton and seeing that we haven't ridden there in ages we thought give it a go. We had Pete 450 Martyn,Cogers,SHotter and his young bloke (Kane)and myself hitting the tracks
First half of the ride was more open fire break and 4wd tracks good for running in a new bike. Plenty of water around and Kane was doing extremely well on Ktm 85 he was keeping up with the big boys with no dramas. At one point we thought he was a gone when we came across a rather deep water crossing. It was bad enough getting the bigger bikes through but he tackled it like a pro and got through with no dramas which was surprising that it didnt suck in any water as Martyn suck in some water on his 300 and luckily stall out at the end of the crossing.Wasnt long after that We went back to cars to fuel up and three of the guys went home
Myself Pete and Martyn did the afternoon session which was more open and fast flowing tracks which was some of the Busselton enduro tracks and more water crossings. I think we did around 110 km which was enough to get me passed the first run in stage of the 500
Thanks to Pete 450 for leading and showing us around Busselton area.Great mix of tracks,trails and water crossings even though im not a big fan off getting water in the boots but always good to ride different spots
Good to see that everyone that got out on there bikes yesterday had a good time
See you down at Northcliff in a couple of weeks time
12/Aug/18 9:16 am     #12928  
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KTMike's Avatar
Great hills ride yesterday, ride report below

Players Mickkal HusqMike KTMike Creepy Geordiebaz Ktmsean Yatesy KtmCarl Leathel Tommy

Mickkal called a show of interest for a stragglers ride, after two punters, the ride was called, which by the weekend was 10 strong. Stands up at 9AM, it was a chilly morning, however after a few KMs of flowing single track everyone was warmed up ready for the day ahead. An upset at the 14km mark due to a broken chain put Yatesy out of the game, due to environmental concerns the decision was made to get the ute. MikeKal tested out his new 200KG rear suspension setup with a quick 6KM two up trail ride back to the carpark.

The 104kms of trails went from dryish to swamp in the blink of an eye, there was a report of one player stuck neck high in knee high mud, after assistance from other the players the bike was retrieved and surprisingly the ride gear appeared laundered, possibly a tall story.

It was a great mix of loamy trails to slippery mud and some deep puddles that Iím sure wet more boots than mine, back at the carpark by early afternoon where stories were exchanged over a beers.

Congratulations to Tommy for reaching equal top ride point status.

Great ride Mickkal thanks for calling and leading the ride, Husk Mike & Tommy for sweeping, and all the players for making a successful ride.

Cheers KTMike

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12/Aug/18 8:46 am     #12927  
112 rides: Superstar
husq mike's Avatar
Mickkal.another great hills ride with some new tracks thrown in.there was a touch of mud around as a few found effort needed to extract the bikes.met a few new players which is great.after the sweep duties had a bit of fun in the tight stuff.i think retirement should inlude a bit of exercise.Tommy is not ONLY a crusty legend , he also found my drum beer shout next time.if i can remember to put the esky in the car.great day .need more of them.

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12/Aug/18 7:32 am     #12926  
54 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Well done Tommy.
Top report JB. Sorry bout the black mud roost. Mud hole had knocked gear lever into neutral and when I found 1st again I just wanted outa there.
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