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20/Jul/17 8:07 pm     #11061  
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JB's Avatar
Cass, see you on Saturday at OVT, cheers mate.
20/Jul/17 6:57 pm     #11060  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Going for a ride at Woky on Saturday and hopefully don't get to wet.
Be at the normal Big Tree parking spot by 8:30
Plan on doing the 60 kay loop on Mornington side and then heading over to the Brunswick side afterwards
20/Jul/17 6:51 pm     #11059  
79 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Al it's a good two day ride. There is a little bit of gravel transport section but other than that section,its fence line tracks 4wd tracks and single track but nothing too hard. Im surprised that the adventure bike riders haven't done this ride yet.
Only section that may be tricky is the crossing of the lake and that depends on how much rain they have had. If too wet they will go around. Other than that it is a good social ride
They do have a fine system.... if you're bars touch the ground its $2:00 and if you don't own up and get caught out it's $5:00

I do have a spot on the trailer if someone wants to come along and you can make to Bunbury on the 4/8. If anyone wants more info give me a call
20/Jul/17 7:10 am     #11058  
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Entries closing soon for the 2017 Quindanning Night & Day Enduro!
This year we will honour the late James 'Jumbo' Munday who passed away suddenly on 3/7/17. The Quindanning Night & Day Enduro has been running for over 30 years at Jumbo's Farm, this year we honour Jumbo with the James 'Jumbo' Munday Perpetual Trophy for the overall winner of the event.
For more information -
If you've always talked about doing this event there is no better time to enter and
remember no bike rego is needed for this one as it is on private property!
20/Jul/17 6:56 am     #11057  
115 rides: The one & only
Fueltanker Allen's Avatar
Yes, will head down and have a look at the country.
My brother is coming down from Kal to have a go.
Any advice for a newbie?
19/Jul/17 9:22 pm     #11056  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Hey FTAl are you planning on doing the Peak Charles ride?
I'm heading down again and Martyn is as well.
18/Jul/17 7:53 pm     #11054  
43 rides: Diehard
Inver's Avatar
See you there Cass
18/Jul/17 5:20 pm     #11053  
115 rides: The one & only
Fueltanker Allen's Avatar
Nice work Cass!

Peak Charles Run
When: Leave Saturday 5th August Return 6th August
Leaving from : Ravensthorpe Enduro Club
145kms each way. Support vehicles available to bring swag to Peak Charles camp.
See Facebook page for more info.
18/Jul/17 1:19 pm     #11052  
42 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Heading out from OVT this Sat 8.30. Fuel for 100km. Lotsa pines. Lotsa grip. No dust!
18/Jul/17 12:23 pm     #11051  
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Inver's Avatar
Darin northclife looks like garte spot for a 2 day ride
But the 4hr drive from Perth put me off

I'm up for camp out 2 day ride before the ridding season over
Maybe at end of next month

Cheers Inver
17/Jul/17 6:01 pm     #11050  
44 rides: Diehard
MickKal's Avatar
No worries darin :)
17/Jul/17 9:53 am     #11049  
69 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
I posted the expressions of interest weekend away to Northcliffe for early August.

A few guys have said they are keen, but not really enough to create an event.
I probably have also not pushed it enough, letting it slip under the radar.

I think at this stage it is better to cancel, if anyone else wants to take it on-board and try and get something happening, I am happy to assist where I can.

Northcliffe have contacted me asking if we are still coming, I will let them know tomorrow that it is off, unless anyone else wants to run with it.
16/Jul/17 9:22 pm     #11048  
30 rides: Diehard
Jack's Avatar
Great ride JNR and thanks to USA Tommy for sweeping.
Hooters, you have redeemed your dignity with the ride report. Please your slippers belong at home and not in public :)

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16/Jul/17 6:18 pm     #11047  
84 rides: A rare sighting
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Sold: 2009 WR250F

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16/Jul/17 11:56 am     #11046  
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Hazi's Avatar
Thanks for the ride yesterday JNR. Good report Hooters.
16/Jul/17 9:43 am     #11045  
56 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
ride report for today: See Ride Reports

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15/Jul/17 7:02 pm     #11044  
56 rides: Suspension or just sus
JNR's Avatar
Thanks to all who came on the ride from the lakes today & thanks to USA Tommy for sweeping, never take the piss out of adventure riders when u have a pair of slippers on after a enduro ride, :))) see you guys out there again, conditions r awesome out there.
15/Jul/17 6:32 pm     #11043  
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MickKal's Avatar
Thanks for the Big bike ride today, Pounce provided some good quality tracks that were good fun on the 650. And there was plenty of action being sweep today with at least 7 spills that I came across. Plenty of rain on the way home.
15/Jul/17 6:08 pm     #11042  
19 rides: Regular
JB's Avatar
Great ride today, perfect conditions. Thanks JNR for leading and Tommy for sweeping, see you guys again next time.
15/Jul/17 5:39 pm     #11041  
56 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
great ride today with junior and the "small" bikes, I'll do the report tomorrow
15/Jul/17 4:49 pm     #11040  
147 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Thanks pounce and mickal for sweeping. Had a great ride but could have done without the rain on the way home but made it home safe.
14/Jul/17 5:22 pm     #11039  
13 rides: Regular
Hazi's Avatar
See ya at the lakes tomorrow JNR
13/Jul/17 8:07 pm     #11038  
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Pinky's Avatar
G'day fellas,
Glad to see the page back up again. Pulled JNR's old bike apart after my first ride with the Crusty's and just got the balls to splash the cash at KTM to fix her up hahah. Getting keen for another ride with the Crusty's so I'll be jumping on the next one when she's back together.

P.S. I'm also trying to find a good home for my mates 450EXC. Is there a way I can chuck some photos up on here of the bike and some happy snaps of my rebuild?
13/Jul/17 6:16 pm     #11037  
56 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
I'm in junior, see ya there, an tom is coming too, should be a good day

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13/Jul/17 5:56 pm     #11036  
30 rides: Diehard
Jack's Avatar
I'll be there too JNR, do we meet at lakes and driving to parking spot at 8:30 ?
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