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23/Jan/20 5:39 pm     #14435  
91 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Sounds good Colin, thanks for the info.
20/Jan/20 2:01 pm     #14434  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
PAR have a couple of spots left for a 4 day ride in Bali in May. 5 nights quality single accommodation with breakfast,4 days riding on CRF450 Rallys with a German tour leader. You pay for fuel (around $20.00) and lunch and dinner. So far around 20 odd PAR riders have done this exact tour. You really wouldn't know you are in Bali most of the time. Cost is $789.00 Aust.

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13/Jan/20 2:04 pm     #14433  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Pounce - we stayed just a couple of hotels up from there. Across the little bamboo bridge and down to the foreshore there was a pretty good restaurant in an old boat stuck on the beach.
10/Jan/20 5:57 am     #14432  
205 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Tommy & I are going for a ride in 3 weeks.

Meet here

19į53'31.99"N 102į 8'28.85"E
09/Jan/20 8:34 pm     #14431  
4 rides: Player
Kennyv11's Avatar
Hi All and a happy new year.

I'm up at work at the moment and get home on the 15th and have a desire to get the bike out after a fair bit of time locking the Italian princess away in its tower.
Hoping for a cool change for the break.
If I get out, I'll post up for anyone that is interested in a ride.


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04/Jan/20 1:43 pm     #14430  
163 rides: Crusty to the core
peter's Avatar
Pounce my post probably should stay - yes definitely a Freudian slip without the sex.
02/Jan/20 7:17 pm     #14429  
61 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Happy New Years everyone

Dakar 2020 stars on the 6 Jan canít wait to see TP in Action

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01/Jan/20 6:35 pm     #14428  
205 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Freudian slip Peter?
01/Jan/20 2:51 pm     #14427  
163 rides: Crusty to the core
peter's Avatar
Merry Xmas and happy new year to all the cruelties both old and new
24/Dec/19 7:35 pm     #14426  
20 rides: Chuck Norris, the Legend
BMWbeej's Avatar
Merry Xmas to all! Hopefully I can break my 20 ride points in 20/20 too!
24/Dec/19 9:02 am     #14425  
103 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Merry Crustymas to all. Enjoy the break, CQ is 20 in 2020. Enjoy!
24/Dec/19 7:41 am     #14424  
99 rides: Piss up in a brewery?
JNR's Avatar
Merry Xmas to everyone thanks heaps for another great year riding & shits n giggles on the camp outs, Iíll be working tonight but home in the morning so enjoy your time with family & friends & weíll catch yaís in 2020 to do it all again, Never to old too roost :)))
20/Dec/19 10:44 am     #14423  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Merry Christmas to all.
19/Dec/19 6:29 pm     #14422  
40 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Very well said Pounce.
A Merry Christmas to all of you and a safe and Happy New Year.
19/Dec/19 3:45 pm     #14421  
205 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
To everyone that makes the Crusties what it is, past & present.

Have a very merry Christmas & an eventful New Year.

If you're traveling or just getting pissed at home with family & friends, enjoy it all.
17/Dec/19 10:17 pm     #14420  
112 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Marisa and myself would like to say thanks for a good night out at the Xmas drinks on Saturday:)

We are also heading down to Bremer Bay on the March long weekend next year. Staying at the Bremer Bay caravan park. Normally Gas Gas Lex organises a few to come over but donít think that will happen as the guys that lead arenít around on that weekend. But Iíve been down that way for the last four years and have a pretty good idea of the tracks Generally we head out on the Saturday for a morning and afternoon ride and then head out on Sunday for another ride
So if you think that you may be interested best ring and book a site as itís getting popular and wonít take to long for the park to be full
Any questions give me a call
17/Dec/19 7:14 pm     #14419  
40 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Selling my Garmin inReach explorer plus with USB cradle and bar mount. Photos in photo section.
Price $500

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16/Dec/19 1:29 pm     #14418  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Nice work Hooters.
16/Dec/19 12:13 pm     #14417  
23 rides: Diehard
Hazi's Avatar
Merry Christmas everyone, apologies for not making it to the drinks on Sat but had my daughters 21st. Did manage to catch up with a few of you later in the evening at Mustangs (from what I can remember???).

Thanks for the great rides this year and looking forward to 2020. Stay safe.
15/Dec/19 6:35 pm     #14416  
40 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Was a great laugh and a good catch up everyone, Merry Christmas.
15/Dec/19 5:48 pm     #14415  
100 rides: B1: BANNED (from the pub)
Hooters's Avatar
Great night many laughs the fluro vest crew saved me from a massive hangover cheers junior on your 99 rides hehe ;)
15/Dec/19 3:15 pm     #14414  
40 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Thanks to everyone for the beers and laughs yesterday, hope you all have a great Christmas and I will see you again next year when the rain kicks in. Cheers guys
15/Dec/19 2:10 pm     #14413  
29 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Great night. Thanks for the laughs. Especially Hooters. Added some pics to the gallery.
Admin will need to rotate them please.
15/Dec/19 12:47 pm     #14412  
99 rides: Piss up in a brewery?
JNR's Avatar
Thanks for last night everyone was a good laugh seeing Hooters even get banned from a pub :))) congrats on the 100 rides
14/Dec/19 6:49 pm     #14411  
205 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Mustang Bar next door. Brewery pub too full.
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