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22/Jan/18 8:51 pm     #11913  
108 rides: Spiderman
husq mike's Avatar
Hooters .What did you write last post.Can you repeat it.My cool eyesight is not so good.
22/Jan/18 8:41 pm     #11912  
70 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
Mmmmm, been thinking about a 300 too Dazza, apparently thatís what the cool people are riding...
21/Jan/18 8:23 pm     #11911  
86 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Cheers to Martyn,Pete 450 and Twoody for coming out on yesterdays Summer Kirup ride. Not too sure on the kay's done but we managed to scout out some new tracks and will be good fun to hit again with a bit more moisture, as the other boys said dust wasn't too bad on the ride. Single trail where great only the open areas had a bit.
Been doing a bit of trial & error jetting on the new 300 i got awhile ago hence Martys post and tried a different carby which was a step in the right direction for most of the ride but bit of a scare though when the carby stuck at WOT. Haven't had that happen before, ended up having a bit of a detour into the bush. So it was back to the cars for me and swap it out, and by the time the boys came back i had it all sorted and back on the bikes for another hours ride.'
Down to Esperance for me next weekend to go and have a play in the sand dunes, so i will see you out on the tracks in the next few weeks or down at Bremer Bay.
21/Jan/18 5:28 am     #11910  
45 rides: Good Terry or Bad Terry?
Twoody's Avatar
Good to be back on the bike with some great mates again, Thanks guys for a top morning.
20/Jan/18 8:13 pm     #11909  
60 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Only with my riding gear on Pete.

Pounce, the camera may be shit but I believe the KTM was pulled out the next morning n fired up after a dewatering. That's quality.

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20/Jan/18 8:10 pm     #11908  
60 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Great ride out at Kirup today, many thanks to DazzaM, Twoody n Pete450. I thought I was well prepared with spare parts but I've never seen someone bring a spare carby on a ride, there's a first time for everything. Plenty of roos out today which we all managed to avoid, January rains made the tracks mostly dust free n the Dippers are always fun. 80 odd kms n a few coldies to finish, in the cars before 1pm. Gold.
20/Jan/18 7:48 pm     #11907  
31 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Yet another good day down kirup,thanks dazz,terry&marty for a great ride.Was good to be back on the bike after a while,I had a ball especially in the hilly pines section,will be awesome after some rain I reckon.The dust wasnít too bad either,who says you canít ride in summer,hopefully see you out there soon Pete
And of course I was talking about you Marty,after all you are an attractive man

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20/Jan/18 8:38 am     #11906  
180 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar
Just a reminder of how shit helmet cams were 9 years ago

19/Jan/18 8:47 pm     #11905  
86 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Definitely you Martyn.... :)
19/Jan/18 4:43 pm     #11904  
60 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Who you calling beauty?
19/Jan/18 1:44 pm     #11903  
31 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
See yas at Kirup you beauty !!
19/Jan/18 10:26 am     #11902  
60 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
See you in Kirup Dazza (or beforehand).
18/Jan/18 7:09 pm     #11900  
86 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
If you're up for an early start I'll be heading out Kriup way this Saturday morning for a ride. Shouldn't be to bad with the rain we have had but still going to be hot on the day hence the early start and will be back at the cars before 12:00
Post if you're thinking of coming along or send me a txt and I'll work out a meeting spot
17/Jan/18 1:09 pm     #11899  
234 rides: Living the Crusty life
Colin's Avatar
Doing a run up to Wedge on some of the Crusties fav old Wedge trails on Saturday for adventure bikes with the PAR group. Leaving from Banksia Grove and doing a reasonable amount of tar as well. This will be a leisurely ride. Email me if you want details or look on the PAR events page.
13/Jan/18 5:28 pm     #11898  
62 rides: Suspension or just sus
JNR's Avatar
Ride : JNR looses his virginity

Riders : Tommy & JNR

Well the other day I went down to Bunbury & came back with a new toy & was keen to have a play, so Tommy put his hand up for a blat on the big toys so we met at Sawyers pub early to beat the heat.

Tommy set off in the lead & I was to chew the dust but didnít care as I was keen to just have a ride & see what the new bike can do or should I say what it can do to me, the big bikes are very different to ride but I was loving it cause all I did to this bike was put petrol in it.

We plan on just a morning ride but Tommy took us on some wide open stuff & through some tighter stuff just to see if I would end up on my arse as Iím not familiar with the big bike riding but what was worse Tommy was scaring the Roos & the buggers weíre running in front of me witch many times I was having trouble pulling the big girl up to miss them.

Further into the ride I was thinking shit this big girls all over the joint & look down to see a flat back tyre & no extra heavy duty tubes can stop a 3 inch nail, Tommy does a U turn, JNR has nothing but spanners cause I was spoilt for choice what to put in all these extra compartments & didnít prepare properly, anyway we have a tube etc but the guy I bought the bike off has over tightened the nut & we couldnít crack it, so we decided to ride it to the Rock Inn & Tommyís wife & son brought the essentials we needed to fix, beers etc went down a treat & we couldíve just stayed there & drank as it was hot.

A big big thanks to Tommyís wife & son for helping me out & canít thank them enough :)) just goes to show.... never ride alone.

Thanks for the ride Tommy your a legend & look forward to the next one once I recover. :))

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13/Jan/18 3:14 pm     #11897  
26 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
Just thinking ahead maybe around mid to late March if anyone is interested in an over night or even maybe two night adventure ride to Margaret River or Bridgetown ?
Just throwing it out there to see what the lads think ?
13/Jan/18 11:08 am     #11896  
26 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
With the current weather up here at work in the Pilbara and the forecast in Perth early next week, I think next weekend could be fun.
13/Jan/18 10:01 am     #11895  
76 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Yea, I am also keen for Bremmer, I think I will bring my 480 ADV. bike. haha.
13/Jan/18 8:38 am     #11894  
86 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Hey Hooters the boys down Bremer Bay way do like a bike with a long range tank on it, bigger the better... but if Fred decides to do some leading again and depending on where they go, you might be wishing you were on your 500 cause i dont want any tears if i go flying past you on my 350 :)
13/Jan/18 7:29 am     #11893  
54 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Biggles in the crustys there a few Suzuki dr650s ,a couple of Yamaha Teneres and a ktm690. As a general rule the heavier the bike gets the better it is on the road and the worse it will be in the dirt. Most of the crustys adv rides are about 80% dirt and most of the day trips would be around 300klm. A lot of these rides could even be done on a enduro bike with a big tank and few other mods. Popular enduro bikes to adventurise for this are the drz400, wr450, ktm 525 and 500 and the beta 480.
12/Jan/18 7:12 pm     #11892  
180 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar
Bugger Tommy. The flight just arrives then.

Looks like I'm coming back to some good weather too.

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12/Jan/18 6:43 pm     #11891  
221 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Leaving Sawyers at 07:30 in the morning if anyone else wants to come along.

Biggles keep an eye on Perth Adventure Riders Buy and Sell
On face book they always have bikes for sale usually all setup
and ready to go as you can spend a lot of money on extras and all bikes need
a bit of help with extras good luck
12/Jan/18 12:58 pm     #11890  
24 rides: Diehard
Biggles's Avatar
Happy New Year Crusties...
I am thinking of getting one of those Adventure Bikes, so I thought I would ask for a quick summary of what not to get and what would be a good value beginners bike, seeing as many of you have taken to the sport in the last year or two.
I would appreciate your opinions.
12/Jan/18 12:05 pm     #11889  
62 rides: Suspension or just sus
JNR's Avatar
Nah Cass I stayed faithful :)
12/Jan/18 9:53 am     #11888  
49 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Jnr - Didya go the Africa ?
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