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02/Oct/22 3:51 pm     #17014  
147 rides: Toilet paper king
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Cheers for the overnighter Mix 690 & Acid gloves had a ball, ate like kings & drank like fish 🤙🤙
01/Oct/22 5:02 pm     #17013  
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Have a awesome overnighter last night weather was great and jnr and lead a great ride conditions were dry and dusty with a few big bog holes had quite a few drinks with a good feed looking forward to the next one
30/Sep/22 2:20 pm     #17012  
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Made it to collie with jnr having a blast good Mix of tracks

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26/Sep/22 3:50 pm     #17010  
147 rides: Toilet paper king
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Happy birthday Husky on your 2 milestones 💪💪 probably was the last one up as well 🤣🍺🍺.

Me & a mate doing a ADV ride from Jarradale on Friday down to Collie for a campout & ride back Saturday if anyone keen.
26/Sep/22 11:11 am     #17009  
150 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Guys,thanks for the blast on Saturday.Nice easy ride,well lead by Tommy.
Jacko could not make it ,so Mikkal offered to take up the rear to keep us together.
No real issues out there,although Bunga provided us with a laugh trying to get out of a deep creek crossing.I hope we got a photo.
I now know why you only have one big birthday every 10 years..Too hard on the body.Thanks guys for the Crusty birthday wishes.
25/Sep/22 6:51 pm     #17008  
32 rides: Not John McClane
Slates's Avatar
Great to be a part of your 150th ride Husky and to join in on your B Day celebrations. Great group of your mates and your entertaining family with beers and bullshit around the fire! Special thanks to Tommy for leading the milestone ride and Mike for sweeping.
25/Sep/22 5:36 pm     #17007  
65 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Congratulations on your 150th ride Mike, was a pleasure to be out on the tracks with you yesterday to celebrate 👌
25/Sep/22 10:58 am     #17006  
241 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Happy 69th +1 Husky Mike.
21/Sep/22 8:05 pm     #17005  
51 rides: Fluro Legend
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Hi all
Im going for a ride around Allanson on Saturday
Around 10am
About 70kms single trail
I would say intermediate ride plenty of log hopping
Just wanted to put it out there
19/Sep/22 8:32 am     #17004  
30 rides: Diehard
Hazi's Avatar
Cheers for an awesome ride on Saturday Tommy. Plenty of slippery stuff and deep puddles to keep us on our toes. Hats off to HM for completing most of the ride with a Mcgivered clutch, was pretty impressed how you managed to get through some of that stuff. Look forward to the next one
18/Sep/22 7:25 pm     #17003  
32 rides: Not John McClane
Slates's Avatar
Great ride along the Murray River on Saturday with eight legend Crusty boys. Left the Dwelly Tav on time and with perfect riding conditions we set off on a trek to Collie for a beer and a steak sanga! Wicked route led by Tommy and swept by the phantom birthday boy 😂 Happy birthday Jacko. Rider 149 put on a clinic and taught me how to repair a broken clutch, Balinese style! Hope to see a few old faces next WE. Thanks everyone for turning up for the Dwelly to Collie hook.
18/Sep/22 5:34 pm     #17002  
10 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Great ride Tommy, steady pace from Dwellingup along side the Murray River and onto Collie for lunch and a frothie, the Murray River was quite high with a miriad of puddles to traverse, plenty of grey ice along the way to keep you focused and off the throttle, thanks to Mike for the entertainment along the way and Jacko for controlling the rear end. Special thanks to my mobile banker, Hazzy appreciate the $$$ at the servo and the pub :)
18/Sep/22 4:13 pm     #17001  
147 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Awesome ride yesterday Tommy thanks for leading us all through some great tracks & awesome scenery, thanks to super sweep on his bday ( kept that quite )
Was good to get out on a perfect day with perfect conditions & a bunch of good c#%ts for a beer & a laugh.
All the best on your trip Pounce & young Husky have a great weekend celebrating another milestone 🙌🤙
18/Sep/22 12:22 pm     #17000  
219 rides: Poster Boy
Jacko's Avatar
Thanks tommy, that was a great way to spend my birthday. It was mikes turn to provide the entertainment this week. Sorry for laughing mike. But I couldn't help it. The worst part was the ride home up the freeway. See has next week.
17/Sep/22 7:17 pm     #16999  
150 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
What a blast today on the Dwellingup to Collie ride.A lot of tracks I had never seen before.
8 of us turned up, with Jacko sweeping again (on his birthday!).
Was starting to get used to the black pig and saw a gap in the play while a rider was stuck in a deep puddle.The perfect line to get passed was waiting for me .However it would have been ideal for the 300, but not enough room for the monster.I clipped a blackboy and suddenly became an entrant for SOD. Soaking wet and broken clutch level and only a third of the way into the ride.
Anyhow, I had one DNF this year and was not going to have a second.Got to Collie and Pounce joined us for a drink and a burger.Back on the steeds and headed West via Allanson .I was offered a chance to go via the farm and fix the lever ,but I decided that it can't get that bad out there. You sucker HM .I now know what the Fawcet track is like in winter.The only word i could use ,was 'challenging'.The DR, with highway gearing in first gear does 10kph at idle, so when everyone ahead started fussing about which line to go .All they could hear behind them was "Out the way ,I cant stop" It provided some entertainment for the day.
Thanks Tommy, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Also thanks to all that turned up. 398ks home to home.
16/Sep/22 7:39 pm     #16998  
32 rides: Not John McClane
Slates's Avatar
Copy that Tommy.
16/Sep/22 4:56 pm     #16997  
318 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
We will be leaving from the Dwellingup pub car park tomorrow at 08.30 so fill up early and bring enough fuel for 140 ks
14/Sep/22 9:15 pm     #16996  
125 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Awesome ride report Jack. This years JB500 definitely one to remember, and as said before well done to Inver and Cass on putting the ride together with Adam and Helen bring up the support car.
Always a pleasure to ride with a great bunch of guys and lot of fun and great be on the 500 again and being able crack the throttle wide open. Jack did a fantastic job of towing Mitch and his 300 out, specially over those rocky section well deserved ROTD. Everyone did great and you certainly have to did deep on the last couple of sections on the way home.
Cheers again to all who came along and see you on the next one :)

It was good to have Dave (Hoofharted) up here in Tom Price and being able to so him and Callum the terrain we get to ride up here.
Hopefully mate you get to head back up here again and others and can get to show you the great places to ride up this way.

14/Sep/22 5:04 pm     #16995  
10 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Just wanted to give a big shoutout to Dazza, we were fortunate to meet Dazza and explore a 65km loop to the outskirts Tom Price on Fathers Day, Dazza, Callam and I rode in sensational conditions as it had rained a few days before the ride so didn't have to much dust to contend with. Dazza escorted us in various terrains including train service tracks, enduro loops, old motocross track, single trails, and the hills and ravines of Mount Nameless ( apparently the second highest mountain abve sea level that you can drive up ) It was very different terrain to the Perth hills, and if you get the chance in the future to get a bike up there in the cooler months it would be worthwhile exploring the area. Also managed two other day rides with TP locals, not often you can go riding and see remote pristine billabongs a zillion year old rock art.
Thanks again Dazza appreciate the tour.
14/Sep/22 4:36 pm     #16994  
32 rides: Not John McClane
Slates's Avatar
Great ride report Jack! Sounded like another take no prisoners Crusty ride 😂
14/Sep/22 2:27 pm     #16993  
10 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Hey Tommy, count me in for your ride.
14/Sep/22 8:37 am     #16992  
79 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Well wrote Jack and thanks all. Fatigue was really hitting me the last 25kms or so. Hope the bikes with issues aren't too bad. Added a few extra pics.
13/Sep/22 9:49 pm     #16991  
77 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Nice ride report Jack
You definitely get my vote for ROTD
Towing a bike in sand over rocks into the setting Sun and then in the Dark for about 20kms all up was a great effort
Thanks again to everyone that help out each other along the way
Cheers Inver
13/Sep/22 9:10 pm     #16990  
95 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
JB500 -2022
Riders: Inver, XRCass, XRAdam, Dazza, MicKal, Jed, Flip, Todd, Jersy Boy, Pav, Jack and Guests

Nine years on and the ride just gets bigger, better and tougher. All thanks to the CQ’s who organise it every year. Inver and XRCasss plan, plot and lead the ride, XRAdam provides the support vehicle to transport bags, broken bikes and Helen our Gurdian Angel who drives the support vehicle, meets us at refueling locations and rescues broken bikes and bodies when called upon. From all participants in this years JB500, Thank You to the “Fabulous Four” for putting together an awesome ride and one which created everlasting dirt biking memories.

Inver’s house was the take off point where riders gathered for the prestart briefing, introductions and a show of their Japanese and Euro steads. Stands up at 8:30 signaled the start of a 15 bike procession through the ever sprawling suburbs and raising the attention of regular folk on their morning walks. Nearing Yanchep the tracks opened up and a 2stroke had blown its engine, instant DNF. Quick thinking from XRCass escorted the rider back to his vehicle whilst the rest of us continued on. Not long after electrical gremlins surfaced on another bike and further delays extended XRCass’s wait at Moore River in rejoining us. We refueled at Moore River, hooked up with XRCass and shortly after on our way to Seabird another electrical issue developed on the same bike. Now Lancelin felt a long way out of reach for us, but eventually we got there 2 hrs behind schedule at the ˝ way mark.

The tracks to Jurian Bay would now open up, rev limiters would be tested on all bikes and theoretically a straight forward run was to be expected with cold beers awaiting at our destination. Well, we were wrong ! Recent rains filled up the local watercourses spilling them onto the track. First puddle crossing was fun, some took the left shoulder, others on the right and the last few riders went wide into the bush to try and stay dry. Second puddle resembled a lake with a track through the middle of it. No detours around it this one and carnage for the 2strokes, both flooded and required dewatering. Unfortunately one was to DNF as it could not be revived from the drowning and required a tow to Cervantes

The sun now setting low, beer time looked further away then ever. Towing the KTM was a slog on these sandy tracks but it got worse when we were halted 5km up the track by a River Crossing. Now there was no turning back, going forward was the only option. Inver wadded into the river to check the depth and concluded carrying the bikes was possible, so in the true spirit of adventure sticks were sourced and bikes individually carried across the river. With all bikes across we continued to the bitumen and through to Cervantes. Here the first SOS was sent to Our Guardian Angel requesting a bike recovery.

Jurian Bay was finally reached in the dark and the celebrations commenced immediately and went through to early hours of the morning. Here I made a “David Edinboro” observation on human behaviors, where the specimens which rode hardcore during the day had intrinsic tendencies to party just as hard at night.

After a hardy breakfast on Saturday morning we were back on the return tracks with only 12 bikes, three 2strokes retired due to mechanical failures. Playing safe and avoiding water XRCass lead us back to Cervantes and onto the beach run to Lancelin. Along the way the Conservation Warriors stopped us for a chat and rego check, MicKal washed his bike in seaweed and saltwater and Pav tapped out his Yamaha to the Rev Limiter for most of the beach run squeezing out every bit of horsepower he could.

Oh I forgot, drama was now our best friend so to continue with the previous days events another bike at Wedge experienced collapsed rear wheel bearings, bike number 4 DNF. The Beta limped back to Wedge Island access track with Inver in tow for safety reasons. Both reaching mobile reception and once again calling on our Gurdian Angel for recovery assistance.

An extended lunchbreak in Lancelin was enjoyed by all, waiting for Inver to rejoin. Some even managed to sneak in a quick nap on the lawn and re-energize. With our soul’s battle hardened from hardships over the last two days the return leg from Lancelin to Quinn’s was no longer a challenge, the focus was on bike and body preservation and not incur any more incidents. We safely reached Seabird, Morre River, Yanchep (temporally lost XRCass our sweep) and boom back to the metropolis of Quinns with smiles beaming from cheek to cheek, broken bodies and cured hang overs for some.

Words can not describe the fun, comradery and adventure experienced on this JB500, thank you to the Fabulous Four you rock !

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13/Sep/22 8:25 pm     #16989  
30 rides: Diehard
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I’m in for ride on Saturday Tommy. Cheers
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