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29/Jul/21 3:19 am     #16144  
69 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Yep for Sunday

Woop Woop

This post was edited on: 29/Jul/21 9:13 pm
28/Jul/21 9:43 pm     #16143  
80 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Good call Inver, see you sunday.
28/Jul/21 8:29 pm     #16142  
70 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Calling an OVT ride this Sunday
Meet at 9:00 on the bike by 9:30
We will heading north inland
There will be sand and you may need a rain coat
But there will be no dust
Looking at doing around 100km to 150kms
Should be back at the Ocean View Tavern no later then 3:30
Will have a fuel stop and lunch along the way
Please post if your coming
Tex or call for more information
Cheers Inver
28/Jul/21 6:37 pm     #16141  
206 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Hey brazuka, half of that trip is on beaches. This time of year they will be impassible. As for the rest of the trip there is lots of soft sandy woops. But it can be done.
27/Jul/21 8:32 pm     #16140  
0 rides: Visitor
Brazuca's Avatar
Hi gents, I just saw your JB500 video on youtube when searching for a ride up to Jurien Bay. Do any of you have some guidance as to where to start on the sand? Or any track advice? Cheers
25/Jul/21 6:16 pm     #16139  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Had a awesome ride out at Julimar today with my boy Zak his mate Ty & Ty’s dad Mark which was at Capel with us the 2 young lads on the 85’s smashed it out there with a bloody good pace up, heaps of single track & only managed to drown the 85’s 3 times was the laughs were priceless when said that’s it dad motor cooked… so do I get a 125 now 😂 he was shocked when it roared back to life & he managed 95kms with the boyz 🤙🤙
25/Jul/21 10:10 am     #16138  
206 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
i was wondering how you got on. i drained my tank this morning to see how much was left and surprisingly it was over a litre. i knew we were a long way out earlier and had been in fuel conservation mode for the last half of the ride.
25/Jul/21 9:42 am     #16137  
80 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Adversity Makes Memories:

Players: JNR, Pass, Alan & Adam, Kiwi Chris, Jacko, Issac, Tommy, Husq Mike, Ross, Steve, Eddy, Jack

Adversity makes memories, that’s how yesterday panned out for some of us. Start of the ride headcount was Lucky 13, so we tried to asked another rider to join in, but he was just waiting for his mates.

Straight into the single track to warm up, which was a shock to some as arm pump set in immediately. Logs were super slipper as the wood turned into mossy slime from weeks of constant rain, puddles were deep and creeks flowed fast – still the rain held off and riding was mint !

Husq mike DNF first with an off and a broken clutch reservoir, Eddy continued to crash at every turn but still managed to laugh his gumbyness off, Issac took a hard slide on green mud but dug deep and carried on whilst the rest of us had our usual pucker up moments here, there and everywhere.

JNR set a cracking pace of following the red line on his GPS, which then crossed another red line loop taking us out to the east side of the Lakes, that wouldn’t have been an issue if we weren’t already 90km into the ride.

Alarm bells started to ring in our heads, quick regroup and a decision was made to head out to Yarra Rd and make further plans there. Once on Yarra rd my bike was lowest on fuel so we headed east towards “The Lakes“ seeking phone reception to call a friend.

Now Adversity started to make Memoires for us.

JNR ran out of fuel and signaled to us to continue riding up the road. Jacko, Chris and Isaac stayed with him to and the rest of us rode on. Finally reception was found, phone call made to a friend with no success and an Adventure bike rider waved down and asked to help us. Only assistance he could offer was a pillion ride on the back of his KTM 1190 to Sawyers Pub to pick up the ute, buy fuel and return to fill the bikes up.

+1 hour later and 80km return trip, 20 liters were dropped off to 7 thirsty bikes and then the group was back on the track to return to Sawyers Pub where JNR and Chris were already quenching their thirst.

How did they get there and what happened ? I’ll let JNR tell his story, it wasn’t straight forward.

Great day out on the bikes and good memories have been made. I think it ended up being a 140km ride, not 100% sure as I was the recovery fuel vehicle and DNF the ride.
25/Jul/21 7:02 am     #16135  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Cheers for the ride yesterday, sorry bout the stuff up still had the ride on from the other week in the same colour 🤦‍♂️

Out to Julimar today with a few teenagers & their dads from MX, kids are probably gonna smoke us 😏
24/Jul/21 4:31 pm     #16134  
206 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
It was a lot longer mike.just got back to sawyers on fumes and a donation from Isaac .we set the gps for sawyers but it took us to sawyers the dot on the map.still 6ks from the servo.had a great days riding but no time to hang around after.see you'd next time.
24/Jul/21 12:56 pm     #16133  
141 rides: left winged duck
husq mike's Avatar
Good while it lasted.
Thanks for the top park spot JNR.The bin chicken picnic ground!
Shit on my boots, uggies and socks.Could smell it all the way home.

Apart from that ,the tracks were mostly new for me.Top single trail stuff, enjoyed the ride.
Unfortunately,just as I felt good and warmed up ready to party,I made the usual HM mistake of riding too close behind and had to head bush instead of careering into the soul in front.
The outlet bush of the clutch master cylinder just snapped off.I persisted for a while,but it is hard work and not knowing what surprises JNR had in the tracks ahead,decided to play it safe and bail.
Hope you all had a longer ride than my 37ks.

Jack was pretty close with replacement estimate.It so happened that Mandurah ktm head one in stock.No one has ever broken one.
23/Jul/21 6:31 pm     #16132  
154 rides: Sleeping Beauty 😴
WR Ross's Avatar
See you in the morning jnr
23/Jul/21 4:47 pm     #16131  
23 rides: Porsche Wa$&€r
cogers's Avatar
Hey JNR, paid XLO Hoody and XLO Shirt thanks mate. Now who changed my handle to Porsche Wank3r !!! lol
23/Jul/21 2:10 pm     #16130  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Bahahahaha 😂🤦‍♂️
23/Jul/21 2:02 pm     #16129  
70 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
JNR just because I gave u a knock back at a camp out one time doesn’t mean I bat for both sides.
23/Jul/21 1:48 pm     #16128  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
No worries there Inver, I’ve heard you bat for both sides 😂😂

Awesome stuff Husky sounds like a great weekend 🍻🍻🤙
23/Jul/21 1:43 pm     #16127  
70 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
JNR L/O hoody one ether side of the fence thanks
23/Jul/21 12:54 pm     #16126  
141 rides: left winged duck
husq mike's Avatar
Just some advance notice.
One of our members will be shortly arriving at 300 rides with the club.A remarkable achievement Tommy.
To celebrate this, a few have got together and suggested a camp over in Sandalwood Rd Brunswick.
The date proposed is weekend of 20th August.It won't be exactly the 300th ride,but fitting in with a few other agendas.
it has not been decided whether to have two rides Sat and small one Sunday.To be discussed.
Dazza will most likely put up his hand to lead at least one of the rides.
The plan would be to arrive Fri night or Sat morning.
Depending on weather, you can camp or bunk up in shed.
Hot shower and toilet is the bonus over our normal camp out.

No need to bring firewood (Bunga).

Watch this space for further updates.

Have conned Jacko to come down in a week or so to plan a loop.Any retirees or others wanting a ride let me know.It will be during week days.
23/Jul/21 12:53 pm     #16125  
107 rides: Two Stroke Todd
ToddHusqy's Avatar
Transfers done thanks JNR,,,LB
23/Jul/21 12:40 pm     #16124  
141 rides: left winged duck
husq mike's Avatar
Well, I can't be left out with all you guys going.
So count me in.Will be trying out new carby settings,thanks to mickal and dazza.
23/Jul/21 8:40 am     #16122  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Polo shirt orders closing soon, so if you want one place your order pls so I can arrange it all, thanks heaps 🤙
22/Jul/21 8:02 pm     #16121  
80 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
See you Saturday JNR,
22/Jul/21 7:31 pm     #16120  
206 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Me too
22/Jul/21 6:19 pm     #16119  
299 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Sounds good to me JNR see you there 👍
22/Jul/21 5:19 pm     #16118  
128 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Riding Sawyers valley Saturday parking behind pub, meet at around 8ish to head off for no later than 8.30 cause we will be planning & putting the ride together tomorrow & will be looking at around 100kms on skinny bikes, beers at the pub after 🍻🍻
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