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26/May/17 4:23 pm     #10729  
124 rides: Sleeping Beauty
WR Ross's Avatar
See ya in the mornin Tommy
26/May/17 1:00 pm     #10728  
23 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
See ya at capel guys looking forward to seeing Shaun's new toy
26/May/17 12:39 pm     #10727  
201 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Good to see you all coming out for a ride meet at rock inn 08.00 then off to parking spot
26/May/17 10:06 am     #10726  
56 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar

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26/May/17 9:58 am     #10725  
56 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar
See you there Dazza.
25/May/17 8:29 pm     #10724  
113 rides: The one & only
Fueltanker Allen's Avatar
Rear tyres from Hooters 500?
I'd keep the beer!
Even a mid.

Probably been on is boat trailer all Summer.
25/May/17 7:29 pm     #10723  
169 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar
100 k's Mick, give or take a few.
25/May/17 7:29 pm     #10722  
75 rides: After 9pm Layabout Head Kicking Hairdresser
Todd's Avatar
Good call Tommy,,im in
25/May/17 7:27 pm     #10721  
14 rides: Regular
Antt's Avatar
I'm in Tommy.
25/May/17 7:23 pm     #10720  
39 rides: Diehard
MickKal's Avatar
Tommy whats the max fuel range for the ride?
25/May/17 7:15 pm     #10719  
49 rides: Diehard
Martyn's Avatar
I'm in for Capel, should be watery with all the rain we've had.
25/May/17 6:34 pm     #10718  
76 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Going for a blatt out at Capel this Saturday. Will be doing some old tracks and trying out some new to see where they go.
8:15am at the normal parking spot ,if you don't know where that is post if your coming along and I will let you know
Looking at the 100 km plus

25/May/17 4:50 pm     #10717  
53 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
you're too kind Pounce, they'll be ready about "mid" December.....
25/May/17 4:36 pm     #10716  
169 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar
I'll be in for saturday Tommy

Hooters, all 4 tyres for 1 beer (mid strength)
25/May/17 3:11 pm     #10715  
53 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
Hey I've got about 4 good but used rear tyres for 450/500 Dunlop geomax yell out if you want one for some beers
25/May/17 3:08 pm     #10714  
53 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
midweek lakes ride: Junior myself and my mate Tom, went for a Wednesday blast at the Lakes. After a sleep in, a latte and smashed avocado breaky, we met at the lakes at a very civilised 10am. Junior was leading and we headed off in the usual direction for about 1/2 hour, a few little soil samples taken by me and tom, 1st ride for both of us for ages. we then took a short cut that turned into a long cut thru a million acres of parrot bush, eventually coming out on familiar turf, jokes were made about spending the night, and burning my bike ( the oldest ) to stay warm! So back on track we headed on a longish loop back to the roadhouse, few little crashes, few tears- toms about his rapidly 2nd hand looking 500 husky, and a few navigation stops. A great way to blow the summer cobwebs out, cheers junior for the lead and the laughs, I always knew you'd get us home, but a little pee came out when you asked me "how much fuel I had!!!" I had a bear grylls moment, building a shelter and eating elephant shit to survive is not how I wanna spend my week off!! Great day all up, and I bet ya'll had fun at work didn't ya's, argh hahahaha!! See all of you real soon, Hooters
25/May/17 1:08 pm     #10713  
62 rides: Orange Bobby
WRRob's Avatar
Time to blow off the dust and cobwebs. See you there Tommy
25/May/17 7:24 am     #10712  
52 rides: Legend
JNR's Avatar
Free for fellow crusty... Thor riding gear pants 34 or 36 can't remember, Large jersey but it seems to be the same as a XL jersey & the gloves r XL all in good nick but small tear in right knee on inside will bring to Saturday ride, photo been uploaded
25/May/17 7:12 am     #10711  
66 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
See you there, Tommy.
24/May/17 7:25 pm     #10710  
76 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Pounce, well after hibernating all summer you gotta look good for your first ride of the year....hey Hooters?? :)
24/May/17 5:45 pm     #10709  
52 rides: Legend
JNR's Avatar
Thanks for the ride today Hooters & friend can't remember his name I'm shocking with names, hope to c u guys out again soon if ya not to sore & Tommy I got a green light for Saturday :)
24/May/17 3:43 pm     #10708  
142 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
sounds good tommy, ill be there.
24/May/17 12:35 pm     #10707  
201 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Going for a ride on Saturday to Bannister post if you are coming
24/May/17 7:58 am     #10706  
52 rides: Legend
JNR's Avatar
Might even stop in at the Dome on the way thru for bacon , eggs & a latte :))
24/May/17 6:56 am     #10705  
169 rides: Ice cream is for children
Pounce's Avatar

so after you have a facial, mani-pedi & get your hair done!
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