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The RTRA took my baby away!
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How do I join the Crusty Quinns?

You don't actually join us as we're not a club, association, gang, company, organisation or union.

You can (and should) join the RTRA though. See the next entry.
What is the RTRA and why should I support it?

The future of trail riding in WA depends on the RTRA .. Join now if not sooner ...
So how do I get to come on a ride?

Keep an eye out on the events or message board page for what's coming up. When you see something you'ld like to join in, post a message saying you'll be there so the others know you're coming & to expect you & just show up on the day.
Until you've been on a ride, you'll remain a Visitor without a profile pic.

There is also a Facebook group but it is private. If you'd like an invite to it you'll need to hit one of your mates up & ask them to invite you.

Don't just rock up on the board & bother asking for "where everyone rides" as no one is going to tell you on a public message board the places we go. Come join us & find out so we can suss you out.

Just a reminder for any new players, it's best not to have your bike type in your name if you can help it, you may not always own that model.
If you have a normal nickname, that's probably the best name to use.
If it's too long it will stuff up the layout & look of the board so we reserve the right to shorten or modify it to something else you're happy with.
If you want to use your real name, search the Hall of Fame to see if it's been taken. (ctrl F)
Cool, but how do I get my Profile Photo on the board?

Someone will either take your picture or you can post one in the gallery & someone behind the magic curtain will add it for you.
Profile pics need to be 400 x 400 pixels in size to keep the aspect ratio looking good on your profile & the Riders page.
If you'd like your pic changed to a new one, post a message asking for it to be done.
Who's in charge?

Again, we're not a club, association, gang, company, organisation or union. We are a very diverse community of like-minded people that ride bikes.
So what that means is no one has any final say, no one is in charge & no one controls anything.
We have a few people that look after the running of the site & that's all they do.
Well whom do I bitch & moan to about...

Again, no one person is in charge or controls any aspect of the site.
If something is bothering you, post a message & everyone will give you an answer, whether it’s what you wanted to hear or not, so be careful what you complain about.
But my post was deleted or moderated & I'm full of outrage, who do I contact.

See the previous two FAQ's & stop being a pussy.
You probably posted something NSFW, derogatory to someone, rude or whatever.
The only posts that get deleted are stupid shit that shouldn't be here.
Who owns the site & domain?

One of the guys has it in his name but no one actually owns it. We ask for donations every now & then to keep the site running though. They can be made here.
Do I need a licence & a registered bike?

Basically, Yes for 99% of rides called by one of the riders, (let's call this the default position) you'll need a licence or L plates for the capacity bike you've got plus a full road registered bike as most rides are on a public road of some sort.
If they're not needed, it'll be mentioned when the ride is called.
We try to encourage people to have a bike with rego & a licence as one of the main reasons being, you are more likely covered by third party insurance if it goes pear shaped & you hit another vehicle or have an accident on a public road. On an MX bike, there is a higher probability of no insurance coverage & a huge bill if something bad happens. Plus being legal, there's a lot more options on where to ride. Most enduro bikes are much better suited to trail riding anyway.

Enduros, Cross Country, Pony Express, Adventure Rally etc type rides & other Club organised events. check with the people organising them. One good places to start for Club organised events is
How hard are your rides as I'm a novice and/or just getting back into the sport?

How long is a piece of string? Most rides have a mix of everything, but the good part about riding with a group is there's always someone to help you out if you get stuck or a hill is a bit tricky. That's the way we roll.
What if I can't keep up with the group?

All our rides work on the "Cornerman" system.
The basic rule is... Ride in a group, stick to the system and someone will always be there to help you if you need it.
Unless you are riding in a small group with riders of similar ability and the tracks aren't too dusty it is best to use a system to avoid the group becoming separated. This can be done in various ways however my favourite has never let me down as long as everyone sticks to the rules. Remember, you don't want to be laying on the track with an injury wondering if help is going to come just because you ignored the basic rule.
The two main players in the system are the lead rider and the sweep. The group follows the lead rider where ever he may take them and he is in charge of placing a rider to show change of direction. He will give the second rider an indication that he wants him to mark the corner. The second rider must stop and should park his bike in the direction the lead has gone. He should also use a hand signal to indicate the change of direction as well. This rider keeps this position until all other riders have passed by and the sweep arrives.
The rider then takes off in front of the sweep and follows the group until he is back in second place again. He would then repeat the exercise again as many times as required.
Points to note.
The lead rider should explain this system to others at a riders meeting. The lead is responsible for indicating when to show a change of direction. The lead should also stop and regroup every few klm's and make sure the sweep arrives before proceeding. If possible, the sweep should wear a bright coloured top so he is easily recognized.
Never leave your corner unless the sweep arrives. If the sweep doesn't arrive then there is a problem that he is dealing with. The marker needs to hold his ground until the lead rider returns or the sweep arrives.
Once you are at the rear of the field you can overtake slower riders and work your way back through he field. Use caution when overtaking.
If you are aware a bike is behind you, you can indicate which side you want him to pass by sticking your boot out on that side. If you want to stop it is good to use a stop hand signal and pull over to the left. Don't just jam the skids on in the middle of the track or you might end up with another bike on top of you.
Remember, this is not just for general safety it also ensures a good day of riding is had by all. There is nothing more frustrating than the group becoming separated and riders going in circles looking for each other. If you don't find each other you don't know if other are OK. So if you want to ride with the Crusty Quinns, please follow the corner man system.
What do I need to carry with me on a ride?

The basic safety riding gear including helmet, goggles, gloves, MX boots. It does not hurt to wear roost protection or body armour. Proper MX or enduro pants do protect you should you fall and a MX top helps keep you cool. A lot of riders also wear knee and wrist guards as well as neck braces.
A hydro pack - You need to keep drinking while you are riding.
A bum bag with some tools, pump and tyre levers, spare plug, cable ties etc.
Have some heavy duty tubes fitted to your bike. You will get a lot less punctures. Shove the standard front tube in your back pack that you took out to fit the heavy tube. It will fit both the front and rear wheel.
Bark busters save your hands from trees and branches and also protect your levers if you fall.
The list can go on and on but at least you have got somewhere to start.
How do I get a point for a ride?

It's a bit up in the air but we’ve taken the approach that:
It must be advertised with at least a day's warning on the board, ie, it is a ride available for all CQ'ers no matter where they're located.
There must be three or more players. Acid Gloves Eddy loves joining in.
It can be an club type organised event that's not just for CQ'ers. These don’t need to be posted on the Events board. Just get names, some pics, do a report & you'll get a point.
Why can't I send a PM to someone?

This isn't a forum; it's a message board. If you want to do Secret Squirrel business with others, email or phone them.
Do you sell T-shirts or stickers?

No, but feel free to get some done at your own expense & try selling them on the Notice Board.
Where is the OVT, Lakes Roadhouse, Rock Inne or Wokalup Tavern?

The OVT (Ocean View Tavern) is at
2310 Wanneroo Road Nowergup
31 38.964S 115 44.104E,115.7350667,17z

The Lakes Roadhouse is at the corner of
Great Eastern Highway & Great Southern Highway
31 52.507S 116 19.23E,116.3205,17z

Paddy's Bush Bar & Grill (The old Rock Inne) is at
1360 Brookton Hwy, Karragullen
32 06.538S 116 7.689E,116.12815,17z

The Wokalup Tavern is at
Lot 67, South Western Highway, Wokalup
33 06.7S 115 52.862E,115.8830932,16z
Do I need to bring fuel?

If someone calls a ride & says bring fuel, there's a bloody good chance you'll need it.
The average distance can range from 60klm's to 100klm's, but some of the all day ones can go over 200klm's
Can I post YouTube videos on the Message Board.

1. Go to the YouTube site and find the video.
2. Under the video click the SHARE link. That will pop up a window.
3. Click the COPY link in the bottom right hand of the pop up window. The link will now be copied to the clipboard.
4. You can now post a message and paste the link.

If this doesn't make sense, ask the nearest teenager. ;-)

The old way also still works, just use the long link code from the site.

Make sure they're family safe & don't over do it, we don't want 100's of messages of just videos.
Can I post an image on the Message Board?

If it's an image from somewhere on the net, then yup, just make sure it's family safe & not too large or it'll get deletified.
Use this code in red with the url where the pic is between the quote marks in black.

If it's an image from the Crusty Site that's in the photo section, just use these img tags with the photo number you want.

How do I change the Custom Title after my name?

You don't!
Stuff up on the trail, say something stupid that's quote worthy, make a fool of yourself... you get the drift & it may be changed for you.
Can I change my user name?

No you can't but someone else can for you. Work out a new one that hasn't been used & post a message requesting the change & it may be done.
For a $5 donation to the site, it's guaranteed to be done.
Why do I have to keep logging in every time?

You don't!

If you login from your own device (home laptop, work PC, iPad, Batphone etc) .. then click the "Remember Me" box - and don't log out. That way when you return you will be remembered and won't have to log in again - as long as you return within a few weeks.
Who owns the Copyright of the photos on the site?

The copyright of every photo remains with the respective owner or person who took the photo. Anyone can use them (not that we could actually stop you) but we would appreciate that they credit the original photographer or if that is unknown at the minimum credit the Crusty Quinns & link to the site when a photo is used elsewhere.
I'm putting my hand up to do the ride report, who do I send it to?

No need to send it to anyone, just post it on the message board & someone will transfer it to the Ride Reports section & add any photos from the gallery to it.
If you really want to send it to someone, try Pounce, Mick450, Tommy, FT Allen, Colin or TigeR.
I'm an admin adding a report but some of the rider names are not listed?

Check this document for details on how to find them.

Note for new riders - you can edit their profile from the message they will/should have posted on the message board thanking everybody for the great ride.

For an old-timer returning after a long absence - you can find their profile in the Hall of Fame.
I'm stoopid & can't remember my password...duh

Just email or text message either Pounce or TigeR or Tommy or MickKal& we'll let you know what it is when we get a chance to have a look.
We have access to everyone's password, so choose one you don't mind us knowing, like your PIN number or bank password.
I can't upload a pic in the Photo Section

I can't believe I have to do a FAQ for this.
It's all self explanatory.
If you get a fail or it won't let you do it, READ what comes up on the page. It tells you exactly what you're doing wrong.

That means letters, numbers & these. ()_-@/\.
I fell off & I'm going to sue you!

Motorcycle riding is dangerous. You will fall off, your bike will be damaged and you will be hurt.

The lead rider is calling an informal get together & is going for a ride that you're welcome to follow him on, so
Good luck with that
Where can I get my expensive boots fixed?

Reids is the go.
Anybody know a good place to get a seat fixed/upgraded?

Steve Unkovich
23 Basingall St East Perth.
Can I bring my gps on a ride and track it for myself?


Well on most rides its usually ok but if the lead rider objects to this then NO.
He has put his hand up to lead us for the day and take us out on tracks that he has found, cut in or plotted
if this upsets you then feel free to call and lead a ride for the rest of the group.
The answer is simple its up to the lead rider
So respect his wishes and have a fun day.

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