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Jackos secret Birthday
Date 17/Sep/22
7 Riders Hazi, Hoofhearted, husq mike, Jacko, JNR, Slates, Tommy
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What a blast today on the Dwellingup to Collie ride.A lot of tracks I had never seen before.
8 of us turned up, with Jacko sweeping again (on his birthday!).
Was starting to get used to the black pig and saw a gap in the play while a rider was stuck in a deep puddle.The perfect line to get passed was waiting for me .However it would have been ideal for the 300, but not enough room for the monster.I clipped a blackboy and suddenly became an entrant for SOD. Soaking wet and broken clutch level and only a third of the way into the ride.
Anyhow, I had one DNF this year and was not going to have a second.Got to Collie and Pounce joined us for a drink and a burger.Back on the steeds and headed West via Allanson .I was offered a chance to go via the farm and fix the lever ,but I decided that it can't get that bad out there. You sucker HM .I now know what the Fawcet track is like in winter.The only word i could use ,was 'challenging'.The DR, with highway gearing in first gear does 10kph at idle, so when everyone ahead started fussing about which line to go .All they could hear behind them was "Out the way ,I cant stop" It provided some entertainment for the day.
Thanks Tommy, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Also thanks to all that turned up. 398ks home to home.

Awesome ride yesterday Tommy thanks for leading us all through some great tracks & awesome scenery, thanks to super sweep on his bday ( kept that quite )
Was good to get out on a perfect day with perfect conditions & a bunch of good c#%ts for a beer & a laugh.
All the best on your trip Pounce & young Husky have a great weekend celebrating another milestone

Great ride Tommy, steady pace from Dwellingup along side the Murray River and onto Collie for lunch and a frothie, the Murray River was quite high with a miriad of puddles to traverse, plenty of grey ice along the way to keep you focused and off the throttle, thanks to Mike for the entertainment along the way and Jacko for controlling the rear end. Special thanks to my mobile banker, Hazzy appreciate the $$$ at the servo and the pub :)

Great ride along the Murray River on Saturday with eight legend Crusty boys. Left the Dwelly Tav on time and with perfect riding conditions we set off on a trek to Collie for a beer and a steak sanga! Wicked route led by Tommy and swept by the phantom birthday boy Happy birthday Jacko. Rider 149 put on a clinic and taught me how to repair a broken clutch, Balinese style! Hope to see a few old faces next WE. Thanks everyone for turning up for the Dwelly to Collie hook.













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