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The RTRA took my baby away!
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19/Sep/20     #1223  
4 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: DazzaM
Woky cut short
Thanks to Cogers,Jinxy,Woody and mate Glin for turning up yesterday for a Woky ride. Wasn’t to sure what the weather was going to do but we didn’t cop too much ...
12/Sep/20     #1221  
6 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Annual JB 500
JB500 – 2020 (The year of COVID)
Players: Invar, XRCass, XRAdam, Jacko, Jase400, Jack

The route was set and slightly tweaked from previous years to...
12/Sep/20     #1220  
10 riders

SOTD: Not awarded
43rd Ironstone Capel 200
What an awesome Capel 200 in every way. Best tracks in years in both variety and condition, how good was the section around the pine plantation! Best weather in...
05/Sep/20     #1219  
15 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Seven plus fourteen equals OMG!
Ride report: seven plus fourteen equals OMG!
Players: Mickal, Jacko, junior, ktmike, Jed, Bunga, Zane , big gee, Murray, Allan ( about 8 young fella’s names...
29/Aug/20     #1218  
6 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Northern Hills and a Chopper Ride
Another update from Colin no wonder he was in so much pain

Hey Tommy, being discharged today, ended up with 3 broken ribs, collapsed lung from rib pun...
28/Aug/20     #1217  
3 riders

ROTD: Inver
SOTD: Not awarded
OVT Blast from the Past Ride
OVT Blast from the Past Ride


ROTD - Inver
Riders - Inver, MickKal, Gary

Inver put the call out mid week...
22/Aug/20     #1216  
14 riders

ROTD: Todd
SOTD: Not awarded
Todds 100th
Fantastic ride today, near perfect conditions with a good fast flowing track some good technical slower stuff and some hill climbs thrown in to top things off, ...
15/Aug/20     #1215  
2 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
New Boots Ride
So it was a late start for Dutchy after a 5pm beer in the shed at mine (aka "a shedder") dragged on til past midnight the night before the ride. Old Acid Gloves...
08/Aug/20     #1214  
14 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
20th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks
No one got barred, some danced & we all had a laugh...
08/Aug/20     #1213  
7 riders

ROTD: Not awarded
SOTD: Not awarded
Pre Drinks sawyers Ride
I put the call out for a nice easy Saturday ride so everybody would be in good shape for the Crustys' 20th Piss up later that night. Eight riders turned up and ...
31/Jul/20     #1212  
17 riders

SOTD: husq mike
Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky
Jed - Great ride down at Wokky
Big thanks again to Dazza for leading was a great mix of everything and cheers to Jacko and Ross for sweeping

25/Jul/20     #1211  
7 riders

ROTD: MickKal
SOTD: Not awarded
Mickkal 100
ide report: “Woky trial run”
Players, Hooters, Pikey, Mickal, Zane, Dazz, Dave, Junior
Due to the dates Junior and I couldn’t make the camp out, so I ra...

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