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ADV1 Signing
Date 24/Apr/22
4 Riders Bunga, husq mike, KatoTodd, Tommy
Rider of the day husq mike
Stack of the day Not awarded
ADV1 Signing

From Crusties we had HM,Todd,Bunga and Tommy.From T&E we had Baden,Andy,Jan,Greg,Brian and Michael.(May have missed one)

Getting to the last bits of the signing now.A bit of a dusty one,but no issues on the track.I did the sweep job which was a generous offer with that many riders in front.
Small hiccup out there.Two Crusties, whose names escape me now, got separated from the pack.A couple of hours of the usual stuff which goes when this happens.The blame game started when we got back.
On Monday, we re road the section and it did appear the two crusties missed seeing a couple of arrows.Anyhow, what happens on the track stays on the track (well until a few drinks around the fire).I know how it happened Todd.

Great to see both groups mixed well on the track and round the pit.We may not have been as slick on the track as some of the T&E guys, but in the evening stakes we were streets in front.
Sunday night saw HM and Tommy as the last stayers.Todd and Bunga had sensibly slipped out 1/2 hr before.My red was gone and Tommy getting getting too comfortable in a chair by the fire.Time to call it quits.

A huge thank you to Mike for hosting this group of riders and a few wives. A great couple of nights around the camp fire with lots of laughs and red wine. Toddís storyís add such great entertainment to the evenings.
A big thanks to Marty for setting up my bike and great advice on the suspension requirements.†
The riding was good nothing hard or to challenging apart from the dust. A 300 metre ride on Toddís 500 was enough for me. My new bike is certainly a big learning curve for me but I noticed Iím not as fatigued on it compared to my old 500.
A great write up and once again thank you Mike for your generosity in allowing the Crustys another great weekend.†

Thanks Mike for the great weekend at the Ranch,, good ride and laughs around the fire,,bit dusty but that was washed down quick smart,,,cheers



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