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Metro Road
Date 26/May/07
8 Riders Chumba, Colin McCaughey, Daza, Grant, John525, Lindsay, Nathan, Steffas
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Grant
Saturday Report "Metro's"
Grant,John525,ColMc,Daza,Nathan,Chumba,Steffas and Col's mate (?Les?)
Grunta called the ride and we left the cars at about 9.15. A bit of drizzle was around for the start but with the overnight rain the conditions were lovely.
A good pace was kept with a small stop when Daza's new 250Exc let off a pit of steam after being kept restrained at the back of the pack. Nothing broken just suspect the shop had to much fluid in radiator.
Back on our way with Grunta having a turn at leading the ride on some awesome mix of trails, whooped out gravel , tight loamy sections and some excellent sand trails.
About 33km on the first loop Grunta decided to see how good his Plum would go against a Grass tree(blackboy),the blackboy one with him receiving a bit of bike adjustment before setting off again.
Sorry Grunta but you get Stack of the day for that effort.
We then headed back to the cars were Steffa's (Stalls of the day award winner) and Col Mc's mate decided that was enough so they packed up.
A quick refuel and the rest of us headed out for another short ride .
Col Mc was still going on about how good the Gasser was in that tight stuff. LOL!
Daza must have scrubbed his seat to get all that excitement off over his new stead. LOL!
Chumba's got a problem with Fredo Frogs. LOL!
Nath and I just cruised and took it all in and Grunta's still nursing some concussion to his Plum.(Keep your head up and bum down Mate).
Thanks for another great ride fella's

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