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Lano - Cervantes.
Date 07/Jul/07
10 Riders Andrea, Choko, Colin, Haydn525, John525, kx steve, Nathan, Neil, peter, WRAdrian
Rider of the day Choko
Stack of the day peter
Report by Col

What a day. It started off a pretty normal CQ ride from the Lano carpark to Cervantes and return. John picked up a flat early in the ride on the 525 and a tube change was necessary to keep the mighty KTM rolling. Steve hit a 4 x 4 and Pete came down hard on the return leg.

Choko came along for his second CQ ride and after his disastrous first ride he managed to pick up ROTD this time. He made huge improvements and pushed the little smoker hard scaring us all a little with some semi controlled maneuvers.

Adrian and Neil just love to get out and ride as usual had big grins under those helmets. Nath came along on the Honda and as he always does showed some great riding skills. KXSteve riding the KTM took lead on a few occasions and picked up the pace up front. He was lucky to escape a very close call taking out the steel roo bar on a 4 x 4 and only putting a big dent in the expansion chamber. Guys - slow down when you are leading - we don't want anything worse than that.

Haydn arrived 3 weeks ago from the Middle East, picked up a new 525 within a few days and came out for his first CQ ride today to run the big girl in. By the pace he was doing on most occasions ---- I think it is run in now. He said he was mostly use to riding in sand and dunes and loved the flowing hard packed trails. Looks like he will fit in well with the CQer's. Mind you he did get home late and was supposed to be going out early. I hope his wife understands and lets him out again. (She will have to be a good CQ wife!!!!!!!!).

Andrea also showed some good pace today chasing KXSteve hard for quite a few km's. I sat right behind him for a fair distance and he had the bike standing on the back wheel heaps of times. John also showed some good pace until he lost it about 25 k's from home and hurt his leg and had to take it very gently back to the trailer.

The biggest incident for the day was when we lost Pete who was riding sweep. We all stopped at a regroup point and Steve pulled in asking if Pete had arrived. As he had not arrived, Steve, Haydn and I went back for him while the rest headed home. About 15 k's out if Lano we found Pete with some people in a 4 x 4 helping him out. He had lost it in some soft stuff and came down hard on his shoulder. Haydn stayed with Pete while I went to get the trailer as he was not in the position to ride anywhere. That's yet another SOTD award Pete. Xrays and a CT scan later revealed a broken shoulder.



Steve's expansion chamber - He kept wanting to know if we new anyone who could blow his pipe!!!

Do we really need anymore pics of luch at Cervantes road house - I say not.

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