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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Jase400 - Regular
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Photo: /gallery/011017.jpg
Contact Phone: 0409265731
Email: jason dot old at westrac dot com dot au
Bike ya have? 2011 Suzuki DRZ 400
Wot's ya Profile? Grew up exploring Collie on bikes, headed North with work and took the bike with me, riding Port Hedland, Onslow and Broome. Moved to Perth 2016 and been exploring North East and South ever since
Stylin' or holdin' on? Happy to ride anywhere and tackle all terrains, average pace for a average DRZ.
Fave Spot? Anywhere from the beach to the outback, enjoy the company and comradery .
Howdyajoin? Riding with guys over the years, took a whilst to join the site
First Ride First seen out more than 2 years ago (02/Nov/19)
7 Rides Last seen out in the last six months (10/Sep/21)
0 Awards None
13 Posts Last piped up more than six months ago (20/Feb/21 8:00 pm)
Last bunch'o rides
10/Sep/21JB500 2021   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
12/Sep/20Annual JB 500   
05/May/20Always waiting for Jinxy   
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
17/Nov/19Dwelly 300   
02/Nov/1920 left - 9 returned   

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