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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Bunga - 🚂
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Photo: /gallery/009657.jpg
Contact Phone: 0409 916 591
Email: bungarra2 at bigpond dot com
Bike ya have? 2016 KTM 500 EXC-R
Wot's ya Profile? I first started riding back in 1975...Honda XL 75 My second bike was an 81 YZ 100 Third bike was an 86 CR 250 Next in line was a new 97 KTM 620 LC 4 Then a 2000 CR500 Followed by a 2002 KTM 520 Recently brought a 2009 KTM EXC 530........... My pride and joy is an imaculate 2001 CR 500 locked up for viewing and nostalgia reasons..........The other reason is I have grown up and my balls have grown smaller :-)) My riding history was mostly trail riding on the family farm and then 4 years of enduro riding in the Pilbara with the Newman Enduro Club... I am looking at just getting back into trail riding after 12 years out of the saddle...
Stylin' or holdin' on? My style....Well I generally run out of style entering the first corner....
Fave Spot? Not a great deal of riding areas to choose from with my past experiences so I guess the red dirt of the Pilbara...
Howdyajoin? I found you guys through an old friend who I used to ride mini bikes with 35 years ago...
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (29/Aug/12)
65 Rides Last seen out in the last fortnight (24/Sep/22)
3 Awards 2 ROTDs and 1 SOTD
590 Posts Last piped up in the last fortnight (25/Sep/22 5:36 pm)
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24/Sep/22Husq mike 150   
20/Aug/22Woky 2022   
16/Jul/22North Dandy   
18/Jun/22Greasy Greenbushes 2 Day   
28/May/22Julimar Enduro ride   
15/May/22Adventure Rally 2022   
14/May/22Where's Hooty??   
24/Apr/22ADV1 Signing   
02/Apr/22JNR's big day out   
04/Dec/21Escaping for the weekend    
03/Jul/21The Freedom Ride   
16/May/21Adventure Rally 2021   
08/May/2160ks ain't far ROTD  
06/Feb/21Tommys Wonder Out Yonder South West Adv ride   
19/Dec/20Covid Christmas Drinks   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
12/Sep/2043rd Ironstone Capel 200   
05/Sep/20Seven plus fourteen equals OMG!   
22/Aug/20Todds 100th   
08/Aug/2020th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky   
18/Jul/20Big 4s Country   
27/Jun/20The Woky Alternative   
20/Jun/20Woky Warm Up   
02/May/20Covid restrictions relaxed   
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
12/Oct/19Tigers 100th   
27/Jul/19Nannup camp out July 2019   
06/Jul/194 Became 3   
19/Apr/19Mad Dogs and an Irishman   
24/Nov/18Christmas drinks at the Vic   
08/Sep/18PAR Weekender Capel   
14/Jul/18Red Submarine   
07/Jul/18The Bell Moto 3 Retro Ride   
17/Jun/18The Poker Run   
14/Apr/18A dusty day in April   
17/Mar/18a Adventure Ride   
24/Feb/18Shortys Shorts   
27/Jan/18Tommy's Bullsbrook/ Dakar Run   
22/Dec/17Christmas drinks 2017   
28/Oct/17Virgin Adventure Ride   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
26/Aug/17Camp at Woky   
19/Aug/17An easy ride   
30/Jul/17Sunshine at Pinjar    
01/Jul/17Darin and the fence sitting fockers   
05/Jul/15Blue Rinse Set   
04/Jul/15Spikes Call   
11/Apr/15One lonely Yamaha...   
13/Dec/14Christmas drinks at the Universal Bar.   
19/Oct/14A Few Good Men And Women!   
09/Aug/14The Long Ride   
12/Jul/14Mud Mud Everywhere...   
17/May/14Capel capers   
07/Dec/13Christmas 2013  SOTD
05/Oct/136 Days... ppffftttttt. Broken in less than 6 hours   
24/Aug/13Capel 2013   
27/Jul/13A Rainy Day in the Hills   
29/Jun/13Toddys Grip it n Rip - we need more wood!   
01/Jun/13Tom Pike memorial ride   
09/Sep/12The last METRC enduro for 2012.   
29/Aug/12Sand in all the wrong places   
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