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Nathan - Superstar
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Photo: /gallery/008642.jpg
Contact Phone: 0416579588
Email: nathan_528 at hotmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2009 KTM 530 EXC-R
Wot's ya Profile? Pines,then motocross and limited Enduro then Supermoto WA. Now mainly trail riding.
Stylin' or holdin' on? Likes the big-bore bikes. love the sand. Now just into the trail riding.
Fave Spot? Likes the Alkimos Seabird OVT and Myalup.
Howdyajoin? Found us on the internet.
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (30/Mar/03)
100 Rides Last seen out more than 3 years ago (20/Aug/16)
10 Awards 7 ROTDs and 3 SOTDs
1170 Posts Last piped up in the last six months (21/Oct/19 7:59 am)
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20/Aug/16Chainsaw's & Jarrah   
13/Aug/16Pinjar family clean up   
04/Jun/16Northern hills ride today   
21/May/16Mad Dog and Englishman's ride   
30/Apr/16Wire and Rope    
11/Mar/16Finke training run #2   
07/Nov/15Sand Nap Ride. ROTD  
12/Sep/15Finke practice run   
23/Aug/15Harvey Sprint series 2.   
08/Aug/15Red sky in the Morning.   
11/Jul/15Test and Tune Day   
20/Jun/15Hooter - The Caller   
01/May/15No Rain Friday!   
07/Mar/15Clean up day 2015   
22/Nov/14Steve's Hill   
08/Nov/14Don't Rev the Tits off it   
05/Oct/14Collie Pony Express   
26/Sep/14Pony Express Practice   
30/Aug/14Ironstone Capel 200   
19/Jul/14Seabird to Lano   
11/Jul/142 Rocks Ride   
13/Jun/14Black Friday ride   
24/May/142014 Adventure Rally   
16/Oct/13Mid-Week Back to Nature Ride   
13/Oct/13Nathans OVT run ROTD  
10/Oct/13Jasons Thursday OVT Ride   
05/Jul/13Husaberg Suspension Clinic ride   
21/Jun/134 Punctures and a Funeral   
16/Jun/13Maiden GPS Ride   
14/Jun/13The Inaugural Royal Ride   
31/May/13Three Smokers   
26/May/132013 Adventure Rally   
26/Feb/13lost nathan   
14/Dec/12Summer with no dust.   
01/Nov/12Finke Practice Track Ride   
19/Oct/12Some ride - no description   
13/Oct/12Another OVT Ride   
05/Oct/122- Stroke ride day   
01/Oct/1250 cent rap-ride   
14/Sep/12KTM Day   
07/Sep/12Don't you buggers work?   
21/Jul/12Lost Boys   
14/Jul/12Nathan's 6 out of 10 ride.   
07/Jul/12Buttsys Ballbuster MKII   
01/Jul/12Capel 2012   
09/Jun/12Easy Eastys Call   
02/Jun/12Whatever Happens ROTD  
03/Feb/12Nathans Clint Eastwood Ride   
14/Jan/12Buttsys Ballbuster   
31/Dec/11Splash and Dash.   
08/Dec/072007 Xmas Party   
14/Jul/07Bartons Mill   
07/Jul/07Lano - Cervantes.   
17/Jun/07CQ land   
08/Jun/07CQ Land   
26/May/07Metro Road   
13/May/07CQ Land. ROTD  
04/May/07The old play ground.   
28/Apr/07Quinns CQ Yanchep   
07/Jan/07Lano - Cervantes.   
02/Jan/07The old CQ country.   
23/Sep/06lano - Cervantes   
30/Jul/06The Pines   
22/Jul/06Lano - Cervantes.   
18/Jun/06Pony Express - Brookton   
21/May/06The pines   
05/Jun/05The Pines   
21/May/05Metro Road   
14/May/05Lano to Cervantes  SOTD
07/May/05Metro Road   
16/Apr/05Robs place   
02/Apr/05CQ Pines ROTD  
28/Mar/05CQ Pines  SOTD
05/Mar/05CQ Land   
12/Feb/05CQ Pines   
02/Jan/05CQ Pines   
25/Dec/04CQ Pines ROTD  
12/Dec/04Rob and Becks Place   
11/Dec/04Cols Place   
04/Nov/04CQ Land   
04/Sep/04CQ Alkimos-Yanchep   
17/Jul/04CQ Pines   
10/Jul/04Pines  SOTD
15/May/04CQ Pines   
24/Apr/04CQ Pines   
22/Jun/03Quinns ROTD  
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